Оснащение урока

Плакат, на фоне звезд которого написано название урока-игры: "Happy Chance".

Плакат с изображением подковы - эмблемы игры.

Журнальный столик с цветами.

«Бочка»  для   проведения  раунда "Puzzles out of the Barrel".

Фишки с номерами вопросов для про­ведения раунда "Puzzles out of the Barrel".

Карта США с изображением 50 штатов.
Организационный момент:
Приветствие ведущего: Dear boys and girls. Now you will see a competition called "Happy Chance". Two teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest.

Состав команд был определен на преды­дущем уроке.

Представление команд - участниц игры:

1) The name of the first team is "Scouts".

The captain of the team is ... . "Scouts", take your places, please.

Это мальчики и девочки с эмблемами своей команды, в галстуках.

The "Scouts" are fond of sports. Very often they take part in sports competitions as they want to be healthy and cheerful. They also take delight in doing crossword puzzles. The pupils take part in the game "What? Where? When?" organized at our school. The "Scouts" enjoy going on hikes. They have been to a lot of interesting places here on the left bank of the Volga River.

2) The second team is called "Sailors".

The captain of the team is .... "Sailors", take your places, please.

«Моряки» - мальчики и девочки с мат­росскими воротничками, в бескозырках занимают свои места.

The "Sailors" are fond of travelling by ship. They usually spend their summer holidays on board a ship. Their parents work on ships with foreign tourists as captains, mechanics, navi­gators and waitresses during summer naviga­tions. So they have a good chance to improve their English during summer holidays.

Подсчет очков.

As there is no computer in our classroom I have invited a competent jury to count the points. The members of the jury are ....

Dear guests! Take your places.

Правила игры.

Now I am going to teach you how to play a question-and-answer game called "Happy Chance".

The game has 4 rounds; they are:

"Further and Further".

"Puzzles out of the Barrel".

"A Dark Horse".

"The Race After the Leader".

Each team gets one point for every correct answer. If the answer is wrong, you get no points.

In the first and fourth rounds you will have 4 minutes at your disposal.

The team which answers the most ques­tions wins.

Each team takes turns in answering ques­tions.

Each team takes turns in asking questions.

Ход игры

"Further and Further"

And now we come to the first round of the game called "Further and Further". "Scouts" it's your turn to start. "Sailors", it's your turn to answer.

Истекают 4 минуты: "Sailors", your time is up!

Questions of the Team "Scouts"

How many floors does the Empire State Building have? (102)

What is America's symbol of Freedom? (The Statue of Liberty)

Who was the founder of Disneyland? (Walt Disney)



How many years did the Civil War last in the USA? (4 years)

How long is Broadway? (About 21 km).


What   is   the   national   symbol   of America? (The Bald Eagle)

Who was the "king" of rock'n'roll? (Elvis Presley)

What   is   the   capital   of  Georgia? (Atlanta)

Who built the first car? (Henry Ford)

Who fought against racial discrimina­tion in the 1960s? (Martin Luther King)

A gift from what country was the Statue of Liberty? (From France)

What is the capital of Massachusetts? (Boston)

What university is the oldest in the USA? (Harvard, 1636)

What    food    is    popular    among Americans? (Barbecue ribs)

What was Mark Twain's real name? (Samuel Clemens)

Who  wrote  a  large  part  of the Declaration   of   Independence?   (Thomas Jefferson)

What is the symbol of the Republican Party? (The Elephant)

What do the fifty stars represent on the American flag? (50 states)

Who    invented    the    telephone? (Alexander Bell)

Where are laws made in the USA? (In the Capitol)

What is the oldest public building in Washington? (The White House)

Who wrote the novel "Gone with the Wind"? (Margaret Mitchell)

How many senators are there in the Senate? (100)

Who invented the soft drink Coca-Cola? (John Pemberton)

What   is   the   tallest   building   in America? (The Sears Tower)

Who    was   the   first    American President? (George Washington)

How many rooms are there in the White House? (132)

Who is the chairperson in the House of Representatives? (The Speaker)

Where are the main headquarters of the United Nations? (In New York City)

Who played the role of Rhett Butler in the screen version of the novel "Gone with the Wind"? (Clark Gable)

Questions of the Team "Sailors"

Who is known as the "king" of jazz.' (Louis Armstrong)

What is the flag of the USA called? ("Stars and Stripes")

Who created  Donald  Duck? (Walt Disney)

What place is the center of the American film industry? (Hollywood)

Who is the head of the state and the government of the USA? (The President)

What is Congress? (The American Parliament)

Who first walked on the Moon? (Neil Armstrong)

What   is   the   tallest   building in Washington? (The Capitol)

What is the largest library in the USA? (The Library of Congress)

What was the first name of New York? (New Amsterdam)

What river is the capital of the USA situated on? (The Potomac)

Who is regarded as the most successful director in  Hollywood today?  (Stephen Spielberg)

What is America's national sport? (Baseball)

What is the capital of the United States? (Washington, D.C.)

What is the address of the White House? (1600, Pennsylvania Avenue)

What is the largest American state? (Alaska)

Who created "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"? (Mark Twain)

How many theatres are there on Broadway? (More than 30)

Who was the youngest  American President? (John Kennedy)

What is the symbol of the Democratic Party? (The Donkey)

Who invented the light bulb? (Thomas Alva Edison)

Who is Tina Turner?  (A popular American singer)

In which city was Margaret Mitchell born? (In Atlanta)

What does the American company
"Johnson and Johnson" produce? (Cosmetics, cleaning, washing and medical products)

Who  was the commander of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War? (General Lee)

Whose   portraits   are   printed   on American dollars? (Portraits of American presidents)

Who is the chairperson in the Senate? (The Vice President of the USA)

Who played the main role in the film "The Terminator"? (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

What is the largest port of the USA? (New York City)

Who    wrote    the    Emancipation Proclamation? (Abraham Lincoln)

Let's ask the jury to give us the results of the first round. The score is ... to ... in smb.'s favor.


2. " Puzzles out of the Barrel"

And now we come to the second round which is called "Puzzles out of the Barrel". Each team must answer 4 questions.

Участники каждой из команд поочеред­но достают из «бочки» фишки с номерами вопросов. На одной из фишек изображена подкова - эмблема игры. Если член коман­ды достал эту фишку, вся команда награж­дается пособиями «Города и страны мира». (Этот комплект пособий приобретен на спонсорские средства поселковой админи­страции.)

"Scouts" ("Sailors"), you have chosen a prize. These interesting books are yours. I would like you to read them as they contain a lot of information about an English-speaking country - the United States of America.


1. What is the origin of the word "Yankee"? (The nickname was used derisive­ly by Dutch settlers in New York to designate English colonists in Connecticut.)

2. What   is   the   difference   between American football and soccer? (American football is played with an oval-shaped ball.
The players can hold the ball in their hands. Soccer is played with a round ball. The play­ers are only allowed to kick the ball, they can­ not hold the ball in their hands.)

3. Why is the United States called a "melt­ing pot" or "mixed salad"? (Because people from all over the world have mixed together to create modern American society.)

4. What does the American Bald Eagle symbolize?(Each individual's independence and strength.)

5. When is Election Day in the USA? (In the month of November, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday.)

6. What are the names of the districts in New    York?    (Manhattan,    the    Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island.)

7. What were the names of the ships that Columbus  received?   ("The  Nina",  "The Pinta", "The Santa Maria".)

8. Name the major U.S. film companies. ("Columbia  Pictures",   "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer", Paramount", "20th Century-Fox", "United   Artists",   "Universal",   "Warner Bros".)

9. Let's ask the jury to give us the results of the second round. The score is ... to ... in smb.'s favor.


3. "A Dark Horse"

Attention, please! Listen to my description of a person who will take part in this round. I want you to guess who the "dark horse" is.

She is a pupil of our school. Her hobby is singing. Every year she takes part in music festivals organized not only in our school but also in the town of Bor - the center of our dis­trict. She always wins prizes. She takes delight in singing songs in English. She is attractive. She is going to enter the Linguistic University in the city of Nizhny Novgorod as she wants to be a teacher of English.

The "dark horse" is a pupil of the 11th

На сцену под аплодисменты выходит девушка (the "dark horse"). Она исполняет американскую песню и получает памят­ный подарок. Затем девушка задает не­сколько вопросов участникам команд.

Which American actor played the main character in the film "Spartacus"? (Kirk Douglas)

Which American actress was in opposi­tion to the American government during the Vietnam War? (Jane Fonda)

What is the name of the awards given to the best movie actors and actresses each year in the USA? ("Oscars")

What prize are the best musicians and composers awarded every year in the USA?
(The "Grammy")

Let's ask the jury to give us the results of the third round.

The score is ... to ... in smb.'s favor.


4. "The Race After the Leader"

It's our last round. "Sailors", it's your turn to begin. You'll ask the 1st question and "Scouts" will ask the 2nd question, and so on.

1. Who chose the place for the American capital? (George Washington).

2. Are    there    any    skyscrapers    in Washington? (No, there aren't)

3. How  many  years  did  the  War  of Independence last? (8 years)

4. What kind of state is the USA? (a federal republic)

5. Where does the American President live and    work?    (In    the    White    House, Washington, D.C.)

6. Who is the author of the Theory of Relativity? (Albert Einstein)

7. Who was the leader of the American army during the War of Independence? (George Washington)

8. Where  is  Hawaii?  (In  the  Pacific Ocean)

9. Did Mark Twain finish school? (No, he didn't)

10. Who is the director of the film "Jaws"? (Stephen Spielberg)

11. What is the highest mountain peak in the USA? (Mount McKinley)

12. Who landed at Plymouth  Rock in 1620? (The Pilgrim Fathers)

13. What currency is used in the USA? (The American dollar)

14. What is the official language of the USA? (English)

15. Does Washington, D.C., belong to the state? (No, it doesn't)

16. What city is the home of CNN? (Atlanta)

17. After whom was  America called? (After Amerigo Vespucci)

18. Which star of American silent-movie is called the "Little Tramp"? (Charlie Chaplin)

19. Did Jack London finish school? (No, he didn't)

20. Who wrote the novel "Sister Carrie"? (Theodore Dreiser)

21. In which US city were the  1996 Summer Olympics held? (In Atlanta)

22. Who  is  the  author  of the  book "Scarlett"? (Alexandra Ripley)

23. What was O.  Henry's real name? (William Sydney Porter)