Программа вечера по английскому языку в 5-м классе An ABC Party

Has  lost his ball

Some say this

And some say that

But I say

That number ……. eight has it.


Ah Andrei,  you’ve got the ball.

Andrei: I am number eight, but I haven’t got it.

Teacher: You can count well. Now I want to see which of you knows the names of the colors best of all.


     Black, white, grey,  yellow, red, orange, blue, brown, purple, green

(10 учеников, каждый выбирает один цвет).

Ведущий: I am a monk with blue trousers. I came for the paint.

Pupil: What color do you want?

Ведущий: Red…

Teacher: That’s good. Now let me see who knows more rhymes.

Pupils: 1.   All about me

Ten little fingers

Ten little toes

Two little ears

And one little nose

Two little blue eyes

That shine so nice

And always so bright

One little mouth

To kiss mum Good-night.


2. The seasons.

Winter is white

Springtime is green

Summer is golden        

And autumn’s a flame.

Spring, spring, spring!

The trees are green

Blue skies are seen

Grey winter’s gone away

The world looks new and gay.


  3. My hands upon my head.

My hands upon my head I place

On my shoulders

On my face

Then I put them

In front of me

And gently clap

One, two, three.


 4. Without our. . .

Without our tongue we cannot talk

Without our feet we cannot walk

Without our eyes we cannot see

Without our heart we cannot be.


5. My dear mummy.

My dear, dear mummy

Let me kiss your face

I want you to be happy

Today and always

Be happy, be happy

Today and always, today and always.


6. The sun is shining.

The sun is shining

The flowers are blooming

The sky is blue

The rains are few

The sky is blue

The rains are few.


7. Too early for mother.

Tip, tip, toe, here we go

Tip, tip, toe, quiet slow

Tip, tip, toe, across the floor

Tip, tip, toe, my mother’s door.


8. A skipping-rope.

Jump the rope, jump the rope.

Jump, jump, jump.

Jump it high,

Jump it low

Jump, jump, jump.

Jump it fast

Jump it slow

Jump, jump, jump!

Jump again

Out you go

Jump, jump, jump!


Teacher: I see you know some rhymes. Now, can you sing any songs? I think you can. So, let’s hear you.

Pupils:  Clap, clap!

  1. Clap, dap, clap your hands

     Clap your hands together  (x 2)

  1. Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet

Stamp your feet together  (x 2)

  1. Sing, sing, sing a song

Sing a song together (x 2)

  1. Dance, dance, dance a dance

Dance a dance together  (x 2)

  1. Wash, wash, wash your face

Wash your face together (x 2)

Teacher: I see you know the ABC, can count, know the colors and songs. Now let’s see your scenes.

«The turnip»,

«The house in the wood».

All together: We can read, we can write

  We can speak English too.

  We love learning English

  And what about you?  

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