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Passive Voice


1. A new book _____ by that company next year.

А) will publish

В) will be published

С) is publishing

2. When the manager arrived, the problem ____

А) had already been solved

В) had already solved

С) had solved

3. In more than 200 years the USA Constitution _____ 26 times.

А) is amended

В) is being amended

С) has been amended

4. They _____ this clock now.

А) repair

В) are repairing

С) are being repaired

5. It's a big company. It _____ two hundred people.

А) is employed

В) employs

С) employing

6. Our plan _____ by the members of the committee.

А) considers

В) is being considered

С) is considered

7. This is a large hall. Many parties _____ here.

А) are held

В) are being held

С) has been held

8. I don't think we must _____ everything tomorrow.

А) finish

В) have finished

С) be finished

9. America's first college, Harvard, _____ in Massachusetts in 1636.

А) is being founded

В) had been founded

С) was founded

10. The university of Michigan is one of the best universities in the United States and it _____ in Ann Arbor.

А) located

В) location

С) is located

11. The secretary _____ to her new boss yesterday.

А) introduced

В) was introduced

С) is introduced

12. A prize _____ to whoever solves this equation.

А) will be giving

В) will be given

С) gives

13. Tom _____ his key.

А) has lost

В) has been lost

С) was lost

14. A cinema is a place where films _____

А) show

В) are shown

С) have been shown

15. A new supermarket _____ next year.

А) will be built

В) will built

С) is building

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