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«The Fairytale other way round»

1st scene (Nasten'ka)

Nasten'kaa: Hello, boys and girls! Happy New Year!

Nasten'ka: Everybody knows that New Year celebrates on December, the 25th, Santa Claus lives in the South and Gradfather Frost rides deer! Let's imagine the magic world is alive!

Nasten'ka: Let's watch the fairytale other way round!

2nd scene (Santa Claus and Grandfather Frost)

Santa Claus: Ho-ho-ho!

Grandfather Frost: Hello, students!

Santa Claus: It's so cold here! I like hot weather! Because I live in the South!

Grandfather Frost: How wonderful it is to ride deer!

Santa Claus: I like your deer! I'd like to have one, too!

Grandfather Frost: I'll give you one and you'll give me white horses.

Santa Claus: Let's dance and see who the best of us is!

Grandfather Frost: No chance!

(Santa Claus - Come to town, Grandfather Frost - Ой, мороз, мороз)

Santa Claus: You are very good Grandfather Frost!

Grandfather Frost: So, are you! We both are good!

3rd scene (Aloysha)

Aloysha: Hm, why do Garfield and Puss in boots never walk together? Maybe they don't know each other? Or maybe they are too lazy!

4th scene (Garfield and Puss in boots)

Puss in boots: I will destroy my enemies!

Garfield: Do you think you are a hero?

Puss in boots: Of course! I'm a hero!

Garfield: You may go and I …will lay here!

Puss in boots: Lazybones!

Garfield: Can you show me your enemies?

Puss in boots: Of course! Here! Look! (pictures with animals: mouse, snake, ant, dog, elephant )

Garfield: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Elephant?

Puss in boots: Of course! Cause I'm a hero!

Garfield: Yes, you are. Now, go and get my lasagna! (8 class dances Waltz)

5th scene (Yaga and Aloysha)

Yaga: Gotcha! Where are you doing here?

Aloysha: I'm walking!

Yaga: You're telling the story other way round!

Aloysha: Am I?

Yaga: Oh, yes, my dear! And I'm going to help you with this!

Aloysha: Thank you!

Yaga: What is the next story about?

Aloysha: Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Captain Jack «Sparrow»!

Yaga: Great! Let's tell the story absolutely different! Somewhere in Wonderland!

6th scene (Captain Hook, Captain Jack «Sparrow» and Peter Pan)

Captain Hook: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Peter Pan! You cannot hide from me!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: Who is talking rubbish?

Captain Hook: Who's there!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: Jack «Sparrow». Captain Jack «Sparrow»!

Captain Hook: No way! I'm the only captain!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: Oh, and where is your ship, Captain?

Captain Hook: I can ask you the same, Captain!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: What are you doing here?

Captain Hook: I'm trying to catch a bad boy, Peter Pan!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: Good luck!

Peter Pan: Hey-hey! I'm here, Hook! You can't catch me! Because you evil and cruel! You don't like kids and you will never be a child anymore!

Captain Hook: Catch him!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: You catch him!

Captain Hook: No, you catch him!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: You catch!

Captain Hook: No, you catch him!

Captain Jack «Sparrow»: You catch!

Peter Pan: Arguing like two old friends! Aren't you over?

Captain Hook and Captain Jack «Sparrow»: Shut it!

Peter Pan: Oh, nice! I think it's time to run away! There's cannot be a story with two crazy captains!

7th scene (Snow White Queen, Santa Claus and Grandfather Frost)

Snow White Queen: Well, I see the tale going on great! But I heard you made friends with each other!

Santa Claus: Yes, we did!

Grandfather Frost: We have much alike!

Snow White Queen: Nice! But what did you do to congratulate our guests with New Year?

Santa Claus: We will dance. But a bit later!

Grandfather Frost: And now our friends would like to sing a song!

Snow White Queen: Oh, wonderful! I would love to listen to this song! Call them on stage!

(We wish you a Merry Christmas)

8th scene (Monterey Jack and Mouse Inventor)

Monterey Jack: Cheese!

Mouse Inventor: Jack, calm down! We will find your cheese!

Monterey Jack: I feel it! It's here!

Mouse Inventor: Maybe our friends will help us?

Monterey Jack: Please, find my cheese! I'm hungry!

Mouse Inventor: I think it may be right there! Let's go and find it! It tastes delicious!

Monterey Jack: Cheese! (music when Jack is looking for cheese)

Mouse Inventor: Thank you, friends! We wouldn't find it without your help!

Monterey Jack: Thank you!

Mouse Inventor: I think it's time to dance!

(Dance Jingle Bell)

10th scene (Yaga and Aloysha)

Yaga: What a wonderful holiday!

Aloysha: I absolutely agree with you!

Yaga: Well, it was so funny! So, I think I'll let you go!

Aloysha: Thank you! But We're not over!

Yaga: Really?

Aloysha: We haven't sung a song yet!

Yaga: Then what are we waiting for! Call our friends!

Aloysha: Everybody, come here!

11thscene - появляются все герои, кланяются, благодарят зал за присутствие и поют песню All Alone On Christmas.

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