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I (to be) a student. Every day I have to visit classes and do my homework. I (to work) hard to achieve my aim. I want to become a teacher of biology. Sometimes I get tired and need a good rest. Then I meet my friends and we have a lot (of, on, at) fun. But the best me to rest is my summer holidays. When summer (to come), I can meet my friends every day. I can visit my relatives more often. We may talk for hours, discuss our family life and plans for (present, future, sometimes).

I have a lot of hobbies. They (to be) music, nature and communication. In summer I have more time for my favourite music and may listen to it for hours. Almost (everyone, every, everybody) summer I spend in the village, where my parents (to live). I try to help my parents with the house work and spend with them my free time. In my native village I have a lot of friends. With some of them we studied at the same school and still have common interests and hobbies. In the evening we gather together, go for a walk or organize a party.

When I am in the village, I like to observe the life of animal and plants. It is (amazing, awful, interesting) and useful for me. And when I spend time with my friends, we usually go to the river, lie in the sun, do sports and have a lot of fun. After my summer holidays I am full of energy and desire to study further.

Задание 1. Выбери и вставь слово, подходящее по смыслу:

  1. My parents … the noisy city. They want to go to the country next week.

a) are full of b) are tired of c) are responsible for d) are sure of

2) Have you ever been to Ostankinskaya Tower? Let's go there. It's … visiting.

a) nice b) well c) well-known d) worth

3) In London most museums are … .

a) new b) local c) free d) friendly

4) The writer was born in the nineteenth … .

a) century b) year c) calendar d) age

5) The scientist couldn't … his works for a long time.

a) put b) spend c) learn d) publish

Задание 2. Выбери правильный вариант перевода:

  1. Have you ever been to an ancient castle?

  1. Вы бывали когда-нибудь в старинном замке?

  2. Вы собираетесь побывать когда-нибудь в старинном замке?

  1. You can read this interesting book.

  1. Вы можете прочитать эту интересную книгу.

  2. Вы должны прочесть ту интересную книгу.

Задание 3. Вставьте предлоги in или to и переведите предложения

1.We did not want to stay ... town on such a hot day, so we went ... the country. 2. It is very late: Go ... bed at once. 3. Where is your little sister? - - She is ... bed. Mother always puts her ... bed at eight o'clock.

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