Panoramic lesson Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching English

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Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching English

Panoramic lesson


Theme: "Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching English"

Aim: Introducing with the methods of communicative approaches

Materials: pictures, cards with texts and questions, cards with words.

Objectives: SWBAT

Procedure of the class

Lesson Phase Student and Teacher Time


• Presentation 2 min.

• Practice (guided) Teacher presents different forms and contents of tasks. 10 min.

• production Formulating questions for other to answer pair/group discussions, drawing, pictures, dramatization, organizing games, checking grammar.

• Reflection 1 min.

• Conclusion 2 min.


Good morning dear friends, our highly respected guests, my colleagues!


The primary task of the English teacher is to develop students' linguistic skills so that they can communicate effectively and get in touch with English speakers, and the competent teachers most important tool is a success. Teaching results depend on organization of interesting and exciting lessons.

Panoramic lesson Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching English

It's very hard to teach students, because the new generation want to know more and express their Panoramic lesson Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching Englishopinions.

It makes you work harder and find new ways of teaching. It is very important for the teacher to organize different out of class activities to improve pupils speaking skills and to make learning English joyful and more interesting.

Speaking, writing, listening, reading are the best way to communicate. Panoramic lesson Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching English

Dear colleagues! Make up groups according the colours and take your places

And now I would like to involve you different kinds of communicative teaching. Today we have 4 groups and each group has own task. Let's begin our work together.

Practice and Production

Picture gap

Aim: speaking, describing people and actions, listening.


A student of the group should come to the front of the classroom. The teacher gives him a picture and asks him do not show the picture to other students.

Students will try to draw a copy of this picture from his description.

Students will compare the two of them and discuss any differences.

Jigsaw story

Aim: to encourage students to practice reading

Note: The teacher writes the title of the jigsaw story on the blackboard.

Students brainstorm to think what is going to happen in the story.

Each student receives a strip of paper with sentences on it. The teacher tells the group to put the strips of paper in the right order. Then one of the students reads full story.

Concentration game

Aim: checking knowledge over the vocabulary(opposite)

Note: Teacher gives group of students word cards and mixes them. Asks one student find two words opposite. If a student can't find them, then the other student will try to find the opposite.

Role play

Aim: practice oral speech, develop student's imagination.

Note: Teacher gives students a picture story "Hats and monkey" and asks them to act out this story.


Dear colleagues! Now I would like you to learn a tongue twister with me. There is list of tongue twisters, but let's work with the underlined one. You have to repeat after me.(Teachers pronounce tongue twisters).And now who wants to read the tongue twister quickly?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would


I would like to thank everybody for the good work. You were very active during the lesson.

Did you like this lesson? What is your opinion about lesson?

Panoramic lesson Innovative ways of communicative approaches in teaching English


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