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Методическая разработка

Тренировочные упражнения



Exercise 1. Give the four forms of the verbs:

Hurt, rise, cure, fall, keep, cut, drop, feel, break, cup, die, lose, gargle, put, swell, strip, squint, heal, scald.

Exercise 2. Give derivatives, word combinations and expressions:

Sleep, nerve, cough, examine, ill, operate, treat, prescribe, consult, aid, health, swell, blood, stammer, eyesight, prevent, care, amputate, vaccinate, inject, medical, sprain.

Exercise 3. Give Russian equivalents of the following:

  • Sick-leave, examination, recovery, headache, to sneeze, consulting-room, chemist, remedy, to sprain, to fait, amputation, ward, to limp, splinter, injection, swelling, cancer, hot water bottle, epidemic, health-resort, stretcher, cripple.

  • To have a bad cough; to consult a doctor; to see one's tongue; to take one's temperature; to have pain in the chest; to feel one's pulse; to die of TB; to suffer from sleeplessness; to be treated for pneumonia; to take pills for a headache; to be nervous; curable disease; to make up a prescription; in a sling, to dress s wound, to undergo an operation; swollen fingers; to be laid up in a hospital; a coated tongue; to be run down; medical equipment; disease prevention; to gargle one's throat; to have an X-ray taken; medicine for external (internal) use; to take a deep breath; to affect one's eyesight, to go on crutches; to have a good effect on one's health; to feel giddy.

What's the trouble? What's the doctor's diagnosis? Take a table spoonful three times a day. You don't look at all well. Must I keep him in bed? I am so-so. What are directions for use? This treatment did me (a world of) good. The doctor receives patients in the morning. The tooth is not good any more. Strip to waist. I have liver trouble. My nose is all clogged up. Hold your breath.

Exercise 4. Translate into English (in case you cannot, review the list of words again)

  1. насморк, пломба, кашлять, лекарство, больница, аптека, знобит, пациент, нервный, приемная врача, регистратура, лихорадит, приступ кашля, охрипнуть, электропроцедуры, заика, хромать, болеутоляющие средства, амбулаторный больной, быть переутомленным, первая помощь, грелка, горчичник.

  2. Осматривать больного, сделать компресс, позвать врача, пломбировать зуб, удалить зуб, порезать палец, сломать ногу, испытывать боль в спине, получать больничный лист, подвергнуться операции, вызвать скорую помощь, вылечится от воспаления легких, проверить пульс, прописать микстуру от кашля, быть здоровым, страдать от бессонницы, следовать указаниям врача, испытывать головокружение, лихорадит, сделать рентген, принимать лечебные ванны, измерять температуру, находиться под наблюдением врача, оказывать первую помощь, сделать анализы, отрицательно сказываться на здоровье, приходить в себя

  3. Ты больна? Ты выглядишь совсем плохо. У меня сильно болит голова. У вас грипп. Вам следует полежать в постели. У нее температура 38,8°. Она болела корью? Осложнений после болезни не было. Я хорошо себя чувствую. Грипп заразен. Как здоровье вашего брата? У него болит горло. Какой диагноз? Это лекарство мне совсем не помогло. Как принимать лекарство? Дайте мне что-нибудь от боли в желудке. На что вы жалуетесь? Когда вы заболели? В какие часы принимает врач? Вам не больно глотать? У меня заложен нос. Доктор прописал мне микстуру. Дышите глубже. Не дышите.

Exercise 5. Choose the right word:


The nurse mixed the medicine with a tea spoon and gave it to the ... man who sat up in bad to take it.
When people are … and have temperature of over 39 degrees we say they are in high fever.
When I go on board of a ship or a boat, 1 feel . . .
He was suddenly taken …

To treat-to cure

After scarlet fever complications developed, and they had to be ... for a month before the patient was completely...
The open air life on a farm ... him of his disease.
The doctor said that if I followed his instructions, I should soon be ... of the disease.


What did Mr. White die of? Did he suffer from any chronic... or complications after a serious...?
The .., was catching, and the doctor said he would put me on the sick-list.
The grippe, scarlet fever and measles are catching...
His ... prevented him from going to school together with his friends.


Fresh air, sunshine, good food may ...a patient of tuberculosis by ... his lungs. After a fortnight of slight fever, the wound ... and he recovered. The doctor applied a medicine which soon...the deep cut in my arm.


As Joe coming home a sudden... in his heart made him stop and lean against the wall of a house. Wet weather often makes old people feel an ... in their bones. He fell down the stairs and ... his leg. This heavy suit-case makes my arms... Did you ... yourself?

Exercise 6. Fill in the blanks with the words given in brackets

(consulting-room, pain, medicine, broken off, illness)

A. " To tell the truth, I thought you might give me something to stop the ... I hate and fear it!" said Ann truthfully. "The ... that I have given you stops pain", said the Doctor. "Take it at once when you feel the attack coming on". He met the gentle irony in Ann's eyes, and added seriously, "Miss Caldecott, you may have a serious..." "Well, that would be the end of me, I expect!" said Ann lightly. "Good-bye, Doctor, and thank you!"

She went out of the ... through the wide hall into the street, hardly thinking of what he had told her, because she was absorbed by other thoughts.

Ann had her prescription... on the way home, and then went round by way of the marke.t

Exercise 7. Complete the sentences:

  1. If you have a toothache you consult a...

  2. If something has got into your eye you go to see an ...

  3. If you have a sore throat you consult a ...

  4. If you have a heart attack you call a ...

  5. If you catch the grippe you are attended by a ...

  6. If your nerves are out of order you consult a ...

  7. If your little sister or brother has a high temperature you send for a ...

Exercise 8. Find an adjective in list B to fit each noun in list A

  1. a person, temperature, throat, chill, cold, headache, heart, pulse, disease, illness, cheek, health, eyesight, equipment, blood-pressure, disease, bath, use, tongue.

  2. catching, quick, chronic, sick, sore, normal, weak, bad, slight, perfect, infectious, high, mud, medical, external, poor, splitting, swollen, and internal.

Exercise 9. Arrange the following words and expressions in four columns: at a dentist's, at a surgeon's, at an oculist's at a throat specialist's.

a cut, eye-glasses, to feel pain in swallowing, a coated tongue, to have a tooth extracted, cross-eyed, to undergo an operation, to break a leg, to be hoarse, to put in a cast, a filling, to squint, a metal crown, to apply a dressing, a toothache, short/ near sighted, to gargle one's throat, to stop a tooth, to amputate, to get a splinter, to sprain an ankle.

Exercise 10. Give synonyms or synonymous phrases:

to hurt, to have a tooth pulled out, an eye-specialist, a children's doctor, to faint, to go to a doctor, to be unwell, a sick person, to get well, to recover consciousness.

Make up 5 sentences using them.

Exercise 11. Give the opposite to:

medicine for internal use, far- sighted, to take off a compress, to undress a wound, the temperature rises, to feel well, to be out of bed, to come to oneself.

Make up 5 sentences using them.

Exercise 12. Complete the sentences:

  • On Saturday I went out without my warm coat on and now...

  • The doctor took the patient's temperature and said...

  • I can hardly breath because ...

  • When she came home she complained of a headache and her mother...

  • The patient said that...

  • It hurts me when I swallow because ...

  • The best remedy for it is ...

  • When I have a splitting headache...

  • This medicine will work wonders if...

  • If you follow the doctor's instructions you'll ...

  • You must give up smoking...

  • She looks very thin...

  • She looks the picture of health...

  • She is losing weight...

Exercise 13. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:

  • The doctor... his patient very carefully and ... some medicine.

  • I can hardly turn my head because of...

  • The flu usually begins with...

  • There is nothing serious the matter with you, it's just...

  • You look rather ... today.

  • It ... me when I swallow.

  • Let me feel your pulse...

  • 1 don't like this sound of your...

  • Do you feel any ... over there?

  • He has been ill with... for a week already.

  • If you want... you must follow the doctor's advice.

  • Will you go to ... and have ... made?

  • ... the throat three times a day.

  • This ...is very good for a cough.

  • I am feeling...

  • You have all the ... of the grippe.

  • If you are ... to colds you should take a good care of yourself.

  • She caught ...when we were skiing.

  • Your forehead is hot, let me take...

  • My sister was ill with... when she was a child.

Exercise 14. Insert prepositions or adverbs wherever necessary.

  • What are you complaining...?

  • The best remedy ... a headache is fresh air.

  • Will you go ... the chemist's and have this prescription made up, please?

  • The doctor has given him a sick-leave because he has a very bad complication... his heart... quinsy.

  • The weather has been nasty lately and many people have fallen ill... the flu.

  • She is ill... quinsy... a bad form.

  • You'd better take a tablet of analgine... your headache.

  • She says she is subject... coughs.




to be/ to keep in good health

to ask after smb's health


How are you?

How do you feel?

You look the very picture of health

to be taken ill

to fall ill with the grippe (measles etc)

Consulting a Doctor


a district / visiting doctor

to consult / to see, to go to a doctor

to send for / to call a doctor

consulting - room


to call / to telephone for an ambulance


to see a patient

What is the matter with you?

What is the trouble?

What is your complaint?

medical aid

first aid

to give first aid

consulting hours


Patient's Complaints

Something is wrong with my ear (eye, etc)

hurt (hurt)

He (hurt) his leg when he fell



to have/to feel a pain

to have pains


to have a headache

slight headache

bad headache



stomach - ache


I have a sore throat (finger, leg, etc)


high / low / normal temperature

The temperature falls (drops, goes down)

rises (goes up)

to cut one's finger

to break a leg (an arm etc)

to be wounded


to feel / to be giddy


to catch a chill

to be hoarse


splitting headache

to be run down


to be / feel sick

to suffer from sleeplessness(headache, etc)


1 have lost my appetite

to be nervous

weak / bad heart

heart attack


to catch a slight cold

to catch a slight cold

to catch a bad cold


slight / bad cough



to feel feverish


to lose consciousness

to recover consciousness

to come to oneself

heart trouble

lung trouble

kidney trouble

liver trouble



swell (swelled, swollen)

swollen cheek (arm, leg, etc)




to get a splinter into one's finger

to be badly wounded

Examining a patient


to examine a patient


to listen to one's heart

to see one's tongue

to feel one's pulse

The pulse may be quick (slow, weak)

to sound one's chest (lungs)

to breathe

to diagnose


slight / serious disease

curable / incurable disease

catching disease

to die of a disease


to strip to the waist

the tongue is coated

to hold one's breath

to take a deep breath

Medical Advice and Medical Treatment

to treat smb for some disease



to keep one's bed

to stay in bed

to keep smb in bed

to give smth for the flue (one's cough, headache)

to prescribe



What are the instructions for use (the medicine)?

to follow the doctor's instructions

to take smth for one's cough (headache, etc)

to take a spoonful of smth


diet, to be on/ to keep /a diet

to operate, to be operated on



to fill/ to stop a tooth

filling/ stopping

to pull out a tooth

to do (a world of) good

to do harm

electrical treatment

to have an analysis taken

blood test

to have a blood test taken

to be X-rayed

to have an X-ray taken

blood pressure

to have high (low, normal) blood pressure

to take one's blood-pressure

inject, injection ( of some medicine)

to gargle one's throat ( with medicine)

to perform an operation

to be laid up in a hospital

to undergo an operation, amputation

to dress a wound

to wash (to clean, to bandage) a wound

sling, in a sling

to heal

to be under a doctor's care

The treatment does not agree with me


medical baths

to cure smb of some disease

recover, recovery

rest-home, sanatorium

At the Chemist's


chemist's shop

to make up a prescription


pills / tablets






(eye) glasses

cups, to cup



pain - killer


mustard plaster

valerian drops

hot-water bottle / bag

mineral water

Names of Specialists




eye - specialist = oculist

nerve - specialist


children's doctor

specialist for children's diseases


Names of Diseases


The flu (e)

Influenza= the grippe



Inflammation of the lungs

Scarlet fever








Blood poisoning





Concussion of the brain







Typhoid fever

Whooping- cough




A heart attack

An attack of cough


Body Defects

bad / poor (good)eyesight

long -/ far - sighted

short-/ near - sighted




deaf and dumb






stammer, stammerer

to squint

concern for

disease prevention

accommodation card

to go through


my nose is all clogged up to be confined to bed

patient's file, case history

in-patient, out-patient

fit of coughing


to relieve pain

to affect one's health

to have a good (bad) effect on one's health

medicine for internal (external) use





to put in a cast





vaccinate, vaccination

false tooth, crown

Synonyms and Words Usual Confused by Russian Learners


To be ill means to be in bad health, to be unwell.

The sick man means one who is ill.

The word ill is never used before a noun.


Pain: refers to suffering of mind or body: It is sharp and sudden.

Ache: is generally used only in physical sense: It means a continuous pain.


Illness: the state of being ill.

Disease: refers to a particular kind of illness with special symptoms and name.


Cure: means to bring back to health

Heal: means to make healthy after wounds of any kind

Treat: means to make care of with medicines. It refers to the process of curing.

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