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  • Итоговая контрольная работа к учебнику О. В. Афанасьевой, И. В. Михеевой. Английский язык. Для VIII класса школ с углублённым изучением английского языка, лицеев и гимназий

Итоговая контрольная работа к учебнику О. В. Афанасьевой, И. В. Михеевой. Английский язык. Для VIII класса школ с углублённым изучением английского языка, лицеев и гимназий

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Класс 8 класс
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Final Test (Form 8)

Variant I

  1. Choose the correct item.

  1. If I … more attentive when I was writing a dictation yesterday!

  1. were b) had been c) have been

  1. … you pass me the sugar, please?

  1. Could b) May c) Should

  1. Your boots are dirty. You … them yesterday evening.

  1. should wash b) should have washed c) needn't have washed

  1. This clock has been handed … in my family for many years.

  1. out b) in c) down

  1. The boys heard the joke and broke … laughter.

  1. into b) down c) out

  1. You … use dictionaries during the test!

  1. don't have to b) mustn't c) couldn't

  1. It was dangerous to go there. You …! I'm happy you're all right.

  1. could have fallen b) were to fall c) could fall

  1. What came … him? He is so rude today.

  1. with b) across c) over

  1. He … you if he … at home yesterday. But he was at school.

  1. would have called, were b) would call, were

c) would have called, had been

  1. Tell me the truth. I can see … your lies.

  1. through b) round c) across

  1. The weather is terrible. My flight … delayed.

  1. may be b) should be c) can be

  1. Mother bought bread, but she … it because Father had already done it.

  1. needn't buy b) needn't have bought c) couldn't have bought

  1. This medicine … be taken after meals.

  1. must b) is to c) has to

  1. I don't know the end of the story. But if I … it I … you everything.

  1. had known, would tell b) would know, told c) knew, would tell

  1. If you … your homework yesterday, you … free today.

  1. did, were b) had done, would be c) had done, would have been

  1. You … explain it again. We understand everything.

  1. needn't b) may not c) mustn't

  1. I always have fun … to such music.

  1. listening b) to listen c) listen

  1. Do you mind … down the music?

  1. me turn b) my turn c) my turning

  1. The teacher asked Ann to hand … the exercise books.

  1. down b) out c) on

  1. If I … you, I … care of the flowers.

  1. were, would take b) was, would take c) were, would have taken

  1. Complete the sentences using the correct prepositions.

  1. They didn't object … moving to another flat.

  2. All the children succeeded … doing the task.

  3. Don't blame anybody … being late.

  4. He couldn't keep him … going there.

  5. My parents are used … getting up early.

  6. Nick apologized … being so rude.

  7. The children were tired … working so hard.

  8. My sister is interested … collecting coins.

  9. They all dreamt … going on a holiday.

  10. He always complains … his girlfriend being late.

  1. Make up sentences from the given words.

  1. they / loudly / in/ speaking / the/ at that moment / hall / were.

  2. into / quietly / we / the room / lunch / went / after.

  3. the problem / have / finally / they / solved.

  4. occasionally / homework / we / together / do.

Final Test (Form 8)

Variant II

  1. Choose the correct item.

  1. You … read this book. It's very important for you.

  1. can b) must c) may

  1. Who will see … your pet while you are away?

  1. to b) after c) through

  1. If only I … the rules yesterday!

  1. knew b) would know c) had known

  1. The president … visit our city soon.

  1. must b) has to c) is to

  1. Mary … well when she was younger, but now she isn't good at it.

  1. could draw b) might draw c) could have drawn

  1. He came … his bike and hurt his leg.

  1. out of b) off c) down

  1. They … the holiday more if it … so windy that day.

  1. would enjoy, were not b) would enjoy, hadn't been

с) would have enjoyed, hadn't been

  1. … I take one more sweet, Mummy?

  1. May b) Could c) Should

  1. I don't mind … the guitar.

  1. his playing b) him play c) his play

  1. You … your brother's phone then. He is angry now.

  1. shouldn't take b) shouldn't have taken c) mustn't take

  1. I … you a pen if I … one, but I've left mine at home.

  1. would give, have b) would have given, had c) would give, had

  1. Mother handed … sweets to all the children.

  1. out b) over c) in

  1. We … again, but we decided to discuss everything peacefully.

  1. could quarrel b) could have quarreled c) couldn't have quarreled

  1. She sometimes has difficulty … poems by heart.

  1. in learning b) to learn c) learning

  1. She … to speak to him now if she … it two days ago.

  1. wouldn't have, did b) wouldn't have had, had spoken c) wouldn't have, had done

  1. His car has broken … so he has to take a taxi.

  1. out b) down c) over

  1. You … help her. She can do it herself.

  1. needn't b) can't c) mustn't

  1. If I were you, I … your parents yesterday.

  1. would help b) would have helped c) helped

  1. She told me she had overslept. I think she … be late for the lesson.

  1. may b) can c) must

  1. My sister cleaned the room so I … the floor. But it did it.

  1. needn't wash b) shouldn't have washed c) needn't have washed

  1. Complete the sentences using the correct prepositions.

  1. I prevented her … making that terrible mistake.

  2. He often participates … playing chess.

  3. She couldn't forgive him … telling lies.

  4. Nobody was capable … solving that problem.

  5. I'm looking forward … going to the seaside.

  6. She is used … eating sandwiches for breakfast.

  7. They thanked her … washing their clothes.

  8. The child believed … meeting Santa Claus one day.

  9. I don't know who is guilty … breaking the plate.

  10. Our football team succeeded … winning the match.

  1. Make up sentences from the given words.

  1. by / I / to / bus / go / school / seldom.

  2. noisily / the evening / they / into / yesterday in / came / the house.

  3. their room / playing / happily / the children / were / in / then.

  4. by / this / cleaned / father / room / is / on / generally / Saturdays.

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