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Ағылшын тілі пәнінен 6 сыныпқа арналған тест жұмысы


1. Find the compound noun.

A. toothbrush

B. shopping

C. lights

2. How ________ money do you have?

A. much

B. many

C. little

3. Find the meaning of the word: "Be famous for"

А. Атақты болу

В. Жолы болу

С. Сенімді болу

4. Find the countable noun

A. Tea

B. Water

C. orange

5. "Тапсырыс беру" сөзінің ағылшын тіліндегі аудармасы

A. Send

B. worry

C. order

6. I ______ write my homework yesterday

A. don`t

B. doesn`t

C. didn`t

7. Do you like those apples?

A. Yes, it is nice

B. No, it isn`t good

C. Yes, they are good

8. ____ is my pen here.

A. This

B. that

C. these

9. Find the meaning of the word: "crowded"

A. ел

B. лық толы

C. бос

10. There _______ much flour in the cupboard

A. isn`t

B. are

C. aren`t

11. Do you play computer games?

A. I play computer games

B. No, I do

C. Yes, I do

12. Choose the right demonstrative noun: Give me _____ copybooks over there.

A. Those

B. These

C. That

13. Did he help his mother yesterday?

A. He didn`t

B. He helped his mother

C. Yes, he did

14. Did you write a story last week?

A. No, didn`t I

B. No, I didn`t

C. I didn`t write a story last week

15. Can you swim?

A. Yes, I could

B. Yes, I can

C. I can swim

16. Where did you go?

A. I go to France

B.I went to India

C. Yes, I did

17. Find the translation of the word: "Pollution"

A. халық

B. ластау

С. жағалау

18. Are there ______ eegs in the fridge?

A. some

B. not many

C. any

19. Find the translation of the word "strawberry"

A. алма


C. жүзім

20. Write plural forms :



Orange -


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