Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему Fashion (8 класс), Lesson 2

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Тема «This glamorous world of Fashion»

(Урок с применением технологии развивающего обучения)

8 класс

Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему Fashion (8 класс), Lesson 2

Гаврилова Нина Федоровна,

учитель английского языка

МОУ «Центр образования»

г. Певек

2015 г.

Lesson 2

Тема урока: «This glamorous world of fashion».

Цели урока:

Учебная: формирование навыков говорения, расширение и тренинг лексических единиц по теме.

Развивающая: развитие коммуникативных ЗУН, развитие умений сопоставлять, сравнивать, развитие логического мышления.

Воспитательная: воспитание культуры внешнего вида

Методы: Репродуктивный, объяснительно-иллюстративный, частично-поисковый.

Ход урока:

(Оn the blackboard)

…Everything must be beautiful in a person:

Soul, mind, clothes…

(A. Chekhov).

T: What English word is used when people discuss the way of dressing at a certain time?

What English word is used when people talk about changing customs in women's or men's


P1: I think the motto of our lesson is Fashion.

T: Right you are. Will you explain what fashion is? (Идёт обсуждение, что такое Мода).

P2: I think fashion is the way or style in which clothes are made at a particular time. All people especially young like to look modern. But there is always the question of what is fashionable and what is beautiful. This question is being discussed now when we speak about our clothes, about how to wear different things.

P3: To my mind Fashion and beauty are connected with each other:

As American proverb says: "Beauty is very fine thing, but can't live on it".

P4: I can't help mentioning that real beauty means then a perfect body and clothes. In my opinion Fashion and beauty are connected with each other. Fashion has a standard in itself: the same tastes, hair style, and dress.

T: What jobs are available in the word «Fashion»? (Дана видеопора слов):

…accessory, designer, couturier

…costume journalist, fashion designer

…fashion journalist, fashion photographer

…jewellery designer, shoe designer, tailors


1. A person whose job is to make expensive and fashionable clothes, especially for the elitist circles of society

2. A person whose job is to make plans or patterns for clothes, furniture.

3. A person whose job is to design jewellery accessory in fashion business

4. A person who design costumes for theatrical productions

5. A person who designs fashionable clothes

for the person whose work is to collect, write and publish materials about fashion business in newspapers and magazines on TV and radio.

T: Using the key words write a questionnaire and answer its questions.

If you have answered "Yes" to most of these questions you may start thinking about the

career of a fashion designer.

On the blackboard key words:

…you like to draw

…you like to work with fabric

…you prefer to be challenged

…you are attached to fine arts

... you enjoy sewing something

…you are a fashion -conscious dresser

T: Each period in the history of Russia was also famous for different trends in fashion, every day


(Лексическая тематическая разминка)

T: Fashion

Pupils: The latest fashion, to be in fashion, to be out of fashion, a fashion designer, new fashion, unisex fashion, old- fashioned, fashion for the young (for the adults)…

T: A friend of yours is planning a holiday abroad. Can you help her/him with the translation of the following words and phrases?

…Где можно купить…?

…Сколько стоит…?

…Мне идёт этот, эта…?

…Вы не покажете мне …?

…Мне не нужен другой размер, цвет…?

(Составление диалога на тему «В магазине»).

T: How do you think what character traits can help a person to become successful in fashion business? Look through the list of characteristics:

(Карточки с чертами характера).

Fashion designer

Fashion edition and publisher

Fashion photographer


Artistically inclined









Sharp, quick camera ability


Technically oriented

T: Tell your classmates about your choices and explain the reasons.

(Монологическое говорение). P1,P2,P3.

T: Now let's work with proverbs about Fashion/clothes. Will you translate and make situations using these proverbs?

…Cut your coat according to your cloth

…That's another pair of shoes

…Handsome is as handsome does

… Appearances are deceptive

…Tastes differ

…If the cap fits, wear it

… Eat to please yourself, but wear such a dress as to please others

T: There are different fashion/styles of different epochs.

(Домашняя самостоятельная поисковая работа о разных стилях одежды).

P1: I have prepared some interesting facts about Hippies of the 60-s

… They wore their hair long

… They used to wear lots of rings, bracelets and bells

… They loved wearing long robes or dresses and flares (wide trousers).

… They wore sandals or walked barefoot.

P2: I have read about Punks of the mid-70-s

… They loved extravagant dresses and hairstyles

… They usually wore scruffy (untidy) clothes

… They pierced their noses and ears with pins

… They had brightly dyed hair.

P3: I can't help mentioning about new travelers «Hippies of the 90-s

… They prefer to be free and not to work

… They like to wear their hair long with lots of color threads in it

…They wear old black denim jeans

… They love wearing wooden clogs or boots

… They anti fashion: they prefer wearing old clothes or making their clothes.

P4: It is interesting to know:

1 .A boater was in fashion at cricket matches, boating parties and picnics in 1920-s

2. Brogues- a type of walking shoes, often with ornamental decorations.

3. A deerstalker-such a hat which was traditionally worn by Sherlock Holmes.

4. A Glengarry is a Scottish woolen cap, usually with ribbons, named after Glen Garry - a

valley in the Highlands.

5. A top hat - a man's or a boy's hat worn on some formal occasions or in the case of boys as

a part of the uniform at some schools.

T: Thank you for interesting facts about fashion/clothes.

Russians have always been interested in fashion, haven't they?

"Where do you want to go in Moscow?"

Discuss with your partner where you'd like to go and where you wouldn't. Give your


Look at the blackboard (видеопоры).

Adidas Esplendor

The well-known sports outfitters Sells women's clothing, shoes,

sells all types of clothing and sports accessories from Spain.


Benetton Levi's

Sells casual and sports clothing The original Levi's store where Western

for all the family. jeans were once the Status symbol.

Dom modeli Vera mode

The part of the Russian «House of Fashion». Clothing for men and women, shoes

This boutique sells Italian clothing and accessories and leather goods.

on the floor, as well as Russian- produced fashion

items which are much in vogue with the rich and



A well-known store selling fishing clothes for men.

A café-bar opens here daily at noon.

(Обсуждение в парах). Например:

P1: Hi, Mike!

P2: Hi, Oleg!

What are doing now? Are you going to buy something?

P1: Yes, sure. I'd like to buy something fashionable for my birthday party. I should look like perfect.

P2: What about going to Stock man?

P1: Why there?

P2: It's a well-known store where you can chose in your taste and we can sit in the bar to drink something, eat ice-cream and chat, I haven't seen you for ages.

P1: OK. I haven't been there. Where is it?

P2: Metro Station Profsouznaya. See you later. Bye.

T: So, our lesson is over. You were active, attentive, creative, bright.

Your homework will be to find some information about famous couturiers, fashion designers, fashion models and write in English about them.

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