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Date: 12th of March

Day: Thursday

Form: 5 «А»

Theme: Unit 8, Step 3. I'd like a hamburger
The aims of the lesson: 1. To introduce new theme and new vocabulary

2. to develop thinking, understanding, memory, writing, reading, oral speech and listening skills

3. to bring up pupils to be well bred

Visual aids: pictures, new words, cards

  1. Organization moment.

T: Good afternoon pupils!

T: How are you?

T: Who is on duty today?

T: Who is absent today?

T: What date is it today?

T: What day is it today?

T: What is the weather like today?

  1. Checking -up the homework.

Now, children, let's check- up your home task.

- What was your homework?

- Who is ready for the lesson?
- Are you ready?

III. New lesson.

Open your copy book and write down today's date, please. Our last lesson was about food and drinks. Now, answer some questions? What is the food? - Meat, fish, bread.
What is the drink? - juice, milk, coco-cola
Our new theme for today is "I'd like a hamburger". Open your book at page 142 and I hope that from this lesson we'll get some information about eating in Kazakhstan.

IV. New words

-Now children let's learn the new words of our today's lesson. At first I'll read, then you have to repeat after me altogether.
tomato [tә'ma:tәu ] қызанақ
banana [bә'na:nә ] банан
egg [eg] жұмыртқа
milk [milk] сүт
water ['wo:tә] су
potato [pә'teitәu] картоп
cabbage [cәbeidz] қырыққабат
carrot ['kaerәt] сәбіз
bread [bred] нан
meat [mi:t] ет
sugar ['sugә] қант
Open your vocabulary vocabulary and write down these new words into it.

V. New grammar.

You know the noun is divided into 2 forms. They are singular and plural forms.
Plural noun end -s or -es. They are countable.
But some nouns don't have plural form. They are uncountable.
For example: an apple - apples, a banana - bananas. But juice in uncountable.
Countable (C)
a chair
a car
a sofa
a cup
a lamp
Uncountable (U)

Ex. 2 p.142. Reading the text and translate into kazakh.

VI. Answer the questions

- Where do apples come from in Kazakhstan?
- In Kazakhstan apples come from Almaty.
- Where do fish come from in Kazakhstan?
- In Kazakhstan fish come from Atyrau.

VII. Working with pictures.

Look at the pictures you have to write countable and uncountable nouns.

VIII. Consolidation.

VI. Game.

Who is faster?
a chair
an apple
a sofa
a plate
a dishwasher
a fire

IX. Homework.

a) To learn vocabulary by heart.
b) Reading the dialogue.
c) Exercise 12.13 p.145. Writing.

X. Conclusion.

The lesson is over. You were so active. Good bye!

School № 10

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Theme: "I'd like a hamburger"

Teacher: Saktaganova Anar

Form: 5 "A"

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