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Итоговый тест по английскому языку. 8 класс.

1 вариант.

Выберите правильный вариант:

1. Укажите слово, в котором есть краткий ударный гласный звук

a) bored b) broad c) other d) short

2. They went to…South America.

a) the b)- c)a d)an

3. ….London stands on…Thames which flows into….North Sea.

a)-,-,the, b)-,the,- c)the, the, the d)-,the, the

4. There are many rivers in this country, the longest is….Severn.

a)the, b)- c)a d) a

5. .Christmas in England is celebrated on the:

a) 26th of December b) 7th of January c) 25th of December d) 25th of January

Дополните предложения.

6. John doesn,t like to play with other children. He is very _______

a)no sociable b) not sociable c) unsociable d) sociabless

7. We saw a very ____ building.

a) bored b) ancient c) grateful d) fascinated

8. My brother is ____ strongest man in the world.

a) a b)an c) - d) the

Дополните предложения:

9. Two boys were going _____ along the street.

a) quiet b) quietly c) quieten d) quite

10. We,d like _____ this popular tourist place.

a) visit b) to visit c) visited d) be visited

11. Everybody enjoyed Jane,s story about her trip to Scotland. The information ___ really surprising.

a) was b) were c) are d) be

12. Jack London wrote many books about the gold rush in Alaska. He is a famous American __________

a) write b) writing c) writes d) writer

Выберите правильную форму глагола

13. She says: " I phone my friends every day"

a) she says that she phone friends every day

b) she says that she phones friends every day

c)she says that she phoned friends every day

14 Mother says to me "Don't go for a walk today"

a) mother asks me not to go for a walk today.

b) mother tells me not to go for a walk today.

. 15. «What subjects do you like?" Granny says.

a) Granny asks what subjects I like.

b) Granny asks what subjects like I.

c) Granny asks what do I like.

16. If she feels bed, she …(stay) at home.

Вставьте пропущенные слова

Do you read newspapers?

There are two kinds of newspapers in ____17). One is large kind and has many detailed articles about national and international events. These newspapers are called___18). The other kind, called _____19) are smaller in size and have more pictures.

In some parts of the country there are also papers giving information about what things are happening in the country. They are called____20). _________21) newspapers express a political opinion.

Some newspapers are published on every day of the week except Sunday. They are called____22.

The newspapers which larger than daily ones, are called_________23. Read ____24) and you will get a lot of information all over the world.

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