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1. When was London founded?

a) in the 1st century AD

b) in the 1st century BC

c) in the 2nd century AD

d) in the 5th century AD

2. What is most popular way to show visitors to London around the city?

a) trip by bus

b) trip by boat

c) walk on feet

d) trip by car

3. How many chambers does the Parliament consist of?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 2

d) 16

4. When was the Greater Fire?

a) 1666

b) 1065

c) 1940

d) 1945

5. What is the London residence of Queen Elizabeth II?

a) the Tower of London

b) Windsor Castle

c) Buckingham Palace

d) Westminster Palace

6. Where is Nelson's Column situated?

a) in Parliament Square

b) in Trafalgar Square

c) in Piccadilly Circus

d) in Oxford Street

7. Where are British kings crowned?

a) in St. Paul's Cathedral

b) in Westminster Abbey

c) in Canterbury Cathedral

d) Church of England

8. What chambers does the British Parliament consist of?

a) The Synod and the Representative Assembly

b) the Cabinet of Ministers and the Shadow Cabinet

c) the House of Lords and the House of Commons

d) the Senate and the House of Representatives

9. Who presides in the House of Commons?

a) the Lord Chancellor

b) the Speaker

c) the Chancellor of the Exchequer

d) the Queen

10. How many regions is London traditionally divided into?

a) 4

b) 2

c) 16

d) 5

11. Who presides in the House of Lords?

a) the Lord Chancellor

b) the Queen

c) the Speaker

d) the Prime-Minister

12. Where is London's most famous shopping area situated?

a) City

b) West End

c) East End

d) Westminster

13. Where does the British Premier live and work?

a) at 10 Downing Street

b) at 1 Oxford Street

c) in the House of Parliament

d) in Buckingham Palace

14. What is there in the East End?

a) shopping area

b) symbol of luxury of the city

c) district of factories and docks

d) historic centre of the government

15. For what was the Tower built?

a) to protect the city

b) to used as a monument

c) to used as the royal residence

d) to used as a prison

16. Who built the abbey and the palace in Westminster?

a) William the Conqueror

b) Richard the Lion Heart

c) Edward the Confessor

d) Henry Curtmantle

17. Where is the Whispering Gallery situated?

a) Westminster Abbey

b) Buckingham Palace

c) National Gallery

d) St. Paul's Cathedral

18. What is the other name for the Palace of Westminster?

a) Albion

b) Houses of Parliament

c) Representative Assembly

d) Cabinet of Ministers

19. How many parts constitute Westminster complex?

a) 3

b) 2

c) 5

d) 16

20. What is the Piccadilly Circus famous for?

a) the statue the Angel of Christian Charity

b) the monument of Nelson

c) traffic jams

d) the National Portrait Gallery

21. What is the other name for the Royal Opera House?

a) Pall Mall

b) Covent Garden

c) Haymarket

d) Regent Street

22. When was Hyde Park opened?

a) in the 14th century

b) in the 16th century

c) in the 17th century

d) in the 21st century

23. Who were called "Beefeaters"?

a) Yeoman Warders

b) Kings

c) Revolutionaries

d) Artists

24. What was Kensington until 17th century?

a) city

b) borough

c) village

d) square

25. How many boroughs do London consist of?

a) 22

b) 18

c) 29

d) 33

26. What street is sometimes known as "Mile"?

a) Shaftsbury Avenue

b) Regent Street

c) Oxford Street

d) Rotten Row

27. Where is Speaker's Corner situated?

a) House of Parliament

b) Kensington Garden

c) Hyde Park

d) Holland Park

28. Where does the Parliament meet?

a) Buckingham Palace

b) Kensington Palace

c) Westminster Palace

d) Low Courts

29. What area is sometimes known as "Albertopolis"?

a) South Kensington

b) Bloomsbury

c) Marylebone

d) Chelsea

30. When is Regent's Park founded?

a) 1945

b) 1941

c) 1812

b) 1666

31. Who was the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral in London?

a) Sir Christopher Wren

b) Edward Bailey

c) Henry Tate

d) Guy Fawkes

32. By whom the Tower was built?

a) William the Conqueror

b) Richard the Lion Heart

c) Edward the Confessor

d) Henry Curtmantle

33. Where does the Ceremony of Keys take place?

a) in Westminster Abbey

b) in Buckingham Palace

c) in the Tower

d) in the Bank of London

34. What place is considered to be the main gate to the City of London?

a) Baker Street

b) Fleet Street

c) Piccadilly Circus

d) Oxford Street

35. What is name of the theatre, where Shakespeare's works were performed?

a) "Comet"

b) "Sphere"

c) "Constellation"

d) "Globe"

36. What building is known as "Old Lady of Threadneedle Street"?

a) Buckingham Palace

b) the Bank of London

c) Westminster Abbey

d) Westminster Palace

37. What street in famous with Sir Conan Doyle's works?

a) Baker Street

b) Downing Street

c) Parliament Street

d) Regent Street

38. In honor of whom the Big Ben was named?

a) Sir Benjamin Britten

b) Sir Benjamin Johnson

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Sir Benjamin Hall

39. What does London boast of?

a) modern buildings

b) numerous parks

c) exciting places of interest

d) great history

40. The statue of who is situated by the side of the National Portrait Gallery?

a) George Washington

b) Winston Churchill

c) Margaret Thatcher

b) Abraham Lincoln

41. What ceremonial event is Buckingham Palace home for?

a) Ceremony of Keys

b) Changing the Guard

c) Ceremony of coronations

d) Tea Ceremonies

42. By what is celebrated the monarch's official birthday?

a) Tea Ceremonies

b) Gunnery on the Horse Parade

c) March of the Horse Guards

d) Trooping the Colour on Horse Parade

43. Where is the Poet's Corner situated?

a) Westminster Abbey

b) Buckingham Palace

c) National Gallery

d) St. Paul's Cathedral

44. Where in London are English artists most fully represented?

a) National Gallery

b) National Portrait Gallery


d) Tate Gallery

45. What kind of district is Soho?

a) numerous offices

b) variety of shops and restaurants

c) a lot of cinemas and theaters

d) exciting parks

46. How is London's student quarter known?

a) Marylebone

b) Bloomsbury

c) Chelsea

d) Belgravia

47. In which style is Westminster Cathedral built?

a) in the Gothic style

b) in the Byzantine style

c) in the Modern style

d) in the Roman style

48. What is name for parkland in the Inner London?

a) Royal Parks

b) Hyde Park

c) Kensington Garden

d) Holland Park

49. Where is the wax figures of outstanding people exhibited?

a) Tate Gallery

b) National Gallery

c) Madame Tussauds Museum

d) the Victoria and Albert Museum

50. What place is named to commemorate Nelson's great naval victory of 1805?

a) Piccadilly Circus

b) Trafalgar Square

c) Regent Park

d) Hyde Park


1 a

2 b

3 с

4 а

5 с

6 b

7 b

8 с

9 b

10 а

11 a

12 b

13 a

14 с

15 a

16 с

17 d

18 b

19 b

20 a

21 b

22 c

23 a

24 с

25 d

26 с

27 с

28 с

29 а

30 с

31 а

32 a

33 c

34 b

35 d

36 b

37 a

38 d

39 b

40 a

41 b

42 d

43 a

44 d

45 b

46 b

47 b

48 a

49 с

50 b

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