Разработка по английскому языку по теме Crime. Преступления

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Разработка по английскому языку по теме Crime. ПреступленияТема: Crime

commit a crime - совершить преступление

investigate a crime - расследовать преступление

criminal - преступник

law - закон

against the law - противозаконно

break the law - нарушать закон

legal \ illegal - законный / незаконный

evidence - свидетельские показания; доказательства

witness - свидетель

court - суд

judge - судья

arrest - арестовывать

prison, jail - тюрьма

prisoner - заключенный

sentence - приговор

protect - защищать

punishment - наказание

attack - напасть

guilty - виновный

innocent - невиновный

fine - штраф

gun - оружие

pickpocket - вор-карманник

murder - убийство \ murderer - убийца \ to murder - убить

robbery - кража, грабёж \ robber - грабитель \ to rob - ограбить, обокрасть

burglary - кража со взломом \ burglar - вор-взломщик \to break in - обокрасть дом

shoplifting - кража из магазина \ shoplifter - грабитель (тот, кто крадет в магазине) \ to shoplift - красть из магазина

theft -кража (общее слово) \thief - вор \to steal - украсть


  1. Answer the questions:

  1. Who investigates crimes?

  2. Who lives in prison?

  3. Who commits crimes?

  4. Who gives sentence in court?

  1. Fill in the words:

  1. Have you ever ___________ the law? - No, never.

  2. Does anyone know why she ___________ the crime? - I think she needed the money.

  3. Is it legal to ride a motorbike without a licence? - No, it's __________ the law.

  4. If you drive through a red light, you will have to pay a ___________.

  5. If someone is guilty of murder, the ___________ will be at least ten years in prison.

  1. Complete this table:


person, who commited the crime

bank robbery

bank robber





  1. Fill in with the correct type of crime:

  1. He broke into the house, didn't he? - Yes, he's been charged with __________.

  2. He killed his wife? - Yes, he's been charged with ___________.

  3. She stole clothes from the department store, didn't she? - Yes, and she's been charged with ___________.

  4. He took the money from her bag? - Yes, but they caught him and he's been charged with ____________.

  1. Find the pair:

  1. lock a) a gun

  2. commit b) a house

  3. go c) the door

  4. carry d) a crime

  5. break into e) the law

  6. break f) to prison

  1. Put the story in the correct order:

  1. they found both men guilty.

  2. and charged them with the robbery.

  3. $10.000 was stolen from a bank in the High Street. - 1

  4. After the jury had listened to all the evidence

  5. The judge gave the men a prison sentence of five years.

  6. The trial took place two months later.

  7. and they finally arrested two men.

  8. They questioned them at the police station

  9. The police interviewed a number of witnesses about the crime

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