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DO THE TASK:Задание по английскому языку

1. Render the text into Russian. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

Big Band Knight.

" Elegant, extravagant conductor, big band knight… He___________( to combine)

perfectly intelligence, gentleness and immense integrity", said one of the well-known composers of Russia.

Kim Nazaretov __________( to be born) in Rostov-on-Don in 1936. He __________( to consider) to be one of the founders and creators of pop and jazz education in Russia, the teacher who trained a lot of winners of international and national competitions and festivals. His businesslike approach, _________(to combine) with humor and his personal charisma__________( to lead) to the development of pop-jazz education in Rostov.

His name Kim________( to sound) a bit strange for today's generation but in 1936 it was rather frequent and had a very simple meaning ' Communist International of Youth'. Such a good Soviet name ___________( to connect ) closely with a " bad" bourgeois word "jazz" since then.

Kim Nazaretov went through all steps of musical education - school, college, university, conservatoire. After graduating he worked with different orchestras of the former Soviet republics.

In 1956 he began working in Kharkov and created his first band ' Friendship". During this period he wrote music for eight performances.

Задание по английскому языку
Задание по английскому языку

Kharkov was quiet a major cultural centre with a very intensive concert life at that time. But Kim's parents insisted on his___________( to return ) to Rostov.

So, in August 1963 the Nazaretovs moved to Rostov. He worked in Rostov Art College and Philharmonic but jazz did not let him go. And suddenly the dream of a jazz band in Rostov seemed very real. The first staff___________( to form ) and in a month the first concert___________( to perform ) in the cinema "Russia". That was how it all began.

But they still did not have a permanent residence

and went on__________( to wander ). Nevertheless, Kim did not stop________( to make) new


Задание по английскому языку

In 1990 Kim Nazaretov organized the All-Russian competition of jazz musicians which__________( to hold ) in Moscow in April. In January of 1992 he___________( to award ) the academic title of the professor of pop and jazz music for the first time in Russia. In the same year Kim Nazaretov Big Band finally got the status of a professional team.

On December 21st 1993 Kim Nazaretov Municipal Big Band officially moved into its own residence in the "Russia" cinema but….without Kim.

The life and work of an amazing musician is closely connected with Rostov-on-Don and all Rostovites are proud of him. And the orchestra____________( to name ) after Kim Nazaretov still__________( to perform ) in the cinema concert hall "Russia".

Задание по английскому языку

Vocabulary : immense - огромный, разг. замечательный

integrity - прямота, честность

conductor - дирижер

businesslike approach - деловой подход

Communist International of Youth - Коммунистический Интернационал


Bourgeois - буржуазный

Wander - скитаться

Задание по английскому языку

2. Answer the following questions:

What is your favourite kind of music ?

What kind of music don't you like?

Who is your favourite singer / band?

Kinds of music: rock, rap, jazz, techno, country, pop, classical, reggae, heavy metal, etc.

3. Roleplay.

Use the prompts for your role to help prepare for the interview as a journalist. You can use these ideas, but you can ask anything you want.

Name of band?

Kind of music?


How long / together?

How / musical career/ begin?

Who / influenced? How?

Albums / made?

Places / visited?

When / tour next?

Enjoy touring?

New album?

When you are ready, have the interview.

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