Сценарий для школьного театра на английском языке (8 класс) - История игрушек (Toy story)

Сценарий был написан в 2015 году и готов для постановок в 8 классе. Был использован 1 раз на празднике, посвященном окончанию учебного года (май, 2015 г.)За основу был взят художественный мультфильм Disney "История игрушек" (1995 г.)Спектакль прошел на "ура". Рекомендую для внеклассной работы на английском языке.
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Класс 8 класс
Тип Другие методич. материалы
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Lucy: Hi, Wendy! What are we going to do today?

Good morning, Mrs. Potato! How are you? Did you find you handbag? Nice hat!

Where is my ballerina? Oh, here you are. You are the most beautiful dancer the world ever seen!

Oh, my sweetie, little bear! You smell like candies!

Oh, my dear shepherdess! You are so cute today!

You are so pretty - each of you! Wait a minute… What's this?

Oh my goodness! It's my birthday present! How I wonder what it is!

(opens the box)

It's new Barbie! I have been dreaming of it for so long!

It's the best present of mine!

I should tell "Thanks" to my mummy and daddy! (leaves)


Shepherdess: Wendy, what are you doing under the bed?

Wendy: Uh-h-h-h...nothing! Uh, nothing. I'm sure Lucy was just a little excited, that's all. Too much cake and ice cream, I suppose. It's just a mistake.

Mrs.Potato: Well, that MISTAKE is sitting in your place, Wendy.

Teddy Bear: (GASP!) Have you been replaced? (Shepherdess winds up the ballerina)

Wendy: Hey! What did I tell you earlier? No one is getting replaced.

(The toys give each other a look of doubt.)

Wendy: Now let's all be polite, and give, whatever it is up there, a nice, big "Lucy's Room" welcome.

Shepherdess: (with fear) But what is it?

Mrs.Potato: I don't know, honey… (murmurs) As far as I see it's something…Somebody… something with too bright make up.

Teddy Bear: Maybe it will be our new friend! (Ballerina claps her hands)

Wendy: No,no,no! Stop, guys! We even don't know what it is and where it is from!

Shepherdess: She is really beautiful!

Mrs.Potato: (reading) Made in Germany…

Teddy Bear: Mmm.. High quality!

Wendy: So, uh, not at all… Where are you, Mrs.Potato, from? Singapore? Hong Kong?

Mrs.Potato: Oh, really? I'm from Playskool.

Teddy Bear: And I'm from Mattel. Well, I'm not actually from Mattel, I'm actually from a smaller company that was bought in a buy-out. Well, I don't really understand the financials, but...

Wendy: Guys! Come on! It's just a new thing… Let's see how it could be turned on..?

(looks around the doll)

Shepherdess: Hey, ladies! I've found something! (turns on Barbie)

Barbie: Hi! I'm Barbie! Let's be friends!

Toys (in chorus): Wow…!

Barbie: I'll be you new friend!

Toys (in chorus): Amazing…!

Barbie: Let's go shopping!

Toys (in chorus): Marvelous…!

Wendy: I'd think you've never seen a new toy before.

Mrs.Potato: Well sure, look at her. She's got more gadgets on her than a Swiss army knife.

Wendy: All right, that's enough. Look, we're all very impressed with Lucy's new toy --

Barbie: Toy?

Wendy: T-O-Y. Toy.

Barbie: Excuse me, I think the word you're searching for is "Top Model".

Wendy: The word I'm searching for I can't say because there's pre-school toys present.

Shepherdess: Gettin' kind of tense, aren't you?

Teddy Bear: Oh, uh, Mrs. Barbie?

Barbie: Miss… Barbie.

Teddy Bear: Right. Miss Barbie? Now I'm curious. What does a Top Model actually do?

Wendy: She's not a Top Model! She doesn't work nor have her photos taken…

Barbie: Excuse me.

Wendy: You are NOT REAL!

Barbie: I don't believe you!

Mrs.Potato: Wendy, stop that! You are too strict to the girl! Be polite!

Shepherdess: Yes, Wendy… She's so confused…

Wendy: But IT IS NOT REAL! IT'S THE TOY! Look here…

(changes the language)

Barbie: Hi! I'm Barbie! Let's be friends!

Hallo! Ich bin Barbie! Wollen wir Freunde sein!

Bonjour! Je suis Barbie! Soyons amis!

Hola! Estoy Barbie! Se'amos amigos!


(Kon'nichiwa! Watashi wa bābī nda yo! No wa, yūjin to suru!)

Привет! Я-Барби! Давай дружить!

Teddy Bear: She's so clever!

Wendy: Not SHE, but her ENGINEER.

Barbie: What was that?

Wendy: We've just got into your brains… If there is some…

Mrs.Potato: Wendy, stop that! You are so rude, naughty girl! Why do you offend this pretty doll?

Barbie: I'm not a doll! I'm real! I am a real pretty lady and I am surrounded with new friends!

Shepherdess: Oh, it sounds so sweet.. I'm sorry but would you tell me, where did you get such a nice dress?

Barbie: I got it at Macy's! It's very fashionable, you know! Everybody's dreaming of it!

Wendy: Not me, thanks.

Teddy Bear: Your hair is so amazing…

Shepherdess: And your earrings!

Mrs.Potato: And shoes!

Barbie: Yes, my image was created by English Queen!

Wendy: Really? How could English Queen know about such a fool, arrogant little doll like you?

Barbie: I'm fed up with you! Come here, I'll teach you manners!

Mrs.Potato: Girls stop! (Every toy helps to separate them)


Lucy's coming

Lucy: Mummy says I can take three toys with me to granny… Oh, what's happened here? So strange… Whatever. Mummy is waiting. (she takes Shepherdess, Mrs. Potato, Teddy and leaves)

Barbie: She's left me… She's left me alone…

Wendy: I'm still here..! To my great regret.

Barbie: I'm abandoned! (cries)

Wendy: Well….not so tragic. I can understand why she has left you, but me.. It's really confusing. I'm afraid it's the second biggest mistake Lucy's made…after you.

Barbie: How could she leave me?! I'm the best! I'm a real friend! She is my friend!

Wendy: But you've never seen her. You even don't know anything about her.

Barbie: How could she leave me?! How could she… (cries)

Wendy: Oh, good Lord! (tries to calm her) Calm down, "top model". It's not so bad.

Barbie: No! She could not! She must take care of me!

Wendy: It'll be alright. She'll come home and everything will be OK, uh?

Barbie: No! It will not! She must love me! She must! She must! She must!... (breaking)

Wendy: Barbie? What's wrong?.. (looking at Barbie)

Wendy: Holy Jesus! Wake up, model! Wake up! They'll never believe…


Lucy's coming back

Lucy: Oh, my Barbie?! What's happened to you? Mummy, it's broken!.. (cries and runs out the room)

Mrs.Potato: Wendy, what have you done, bad girl?!

Wendy: It's not me!

Teddy Bear: Poor, poor Barbie…

Shepherdess: Mrs. Potato, I don't think Wendy could hurt anybody…

Mrs.Potato: Don't you dare oppose me, my dear! She was ready to tear this pretty girl apart when we left the room, wasn't she?

Wendy: Yes, but…

Mrs.Potato: And she could do her nasty things when we had gone with Lucy.

Wendy: I didn't do anything! It's broken itself!

Mrs.Potato: What are you talking about? How could it break itself?

Shepherdess: Let her explain. You don't give her a word.

Wendy: Thank you, Shepherdess. We were talking… And she was crying again and again..

Mrs.Potato: Didn't you make her do it?

Wendy: Me? No! She was sad that Lucy had left us here. Me too, by the way.

Teddy Bear: Ballerina!

Wendy: She was here!

(Teddy Bear winds up the ballerina)

Teddy Bear: She wants to say something!

Mrs.Potato: Sweetie, tell us the truth what's happened.

(Ballerina tries to show what has happened)

Teddy Bear: She beat her back?

Wendy: No!

(Ballerina tries to show what has happened)

Mrs.Potato: She tried to squeeze her eyes out?

Wendy: Of course not!

(Ballerina tries to show what has happened)

Shepherdess: She tried to throttle her?

Wendy: Are you kidding me? No!

Mrs.Potato: I can't understand you, my dear. But I'm sure nothing would have happened if Wendy hadn't behaved his way.

Teddy Bear: Did Wendy hurt Barbie? But why?

Mrs.Potato: Come on, my darlings. Let's leave her alone. Probably she knows how she should improve the situation. Shepherdess?

Shepherdess: I don't believe that it was Wendy.

Wendy: Thank you.

Mrs.Potato: Well, ok. See you.

Teddy Bear: Bye, Wendy.

Wendy: Do you believe me?

Shepherdess: Yeah… At least somebody should.


Wendy: Wait a minute… Oh, Lord! Here's the thing! (takes the battery and puts in Barbie)

(Mrs. Potato, Teddy Bear, Ballerina are entering)

Mrs. Potato: Don't touch her, Wendy!

(Ballerina makes them stop, Wendy repairs Barbie )

Barbie: She must..!

Wendy: Thanks, God! You are ok!

Barbie: What does it mean?

Wendy: It means my apologies… I was wrong.

Barbie: Well..Yeah..You were. Me too. I extremely wanted to be real. No offense?

Wendy: No!.. (hugging) Guys, I am awfully sorry. I felt jealous and that's all.

Mrs. Potato: It's great that you admit it. And I was wrong too, Wendy. I didn't believe you. I should have trusted you.

Teddy Bear: I'm so happy that we are together! We are friends and friendship is magic!


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