Упражнения по чтению гласных в четырех типах слога. Английский язык

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Упражнения по чтению гласных в четырех типах слога. Английский язык.

Упражнения по чтению гласных в ударных типах слога.

I i - [αı]

1. Прочитайте!

[αı] [ı] [αı] [ı]

hi tip white bit

pine thin nine bin

like chick five lip

fine six write bill

nice milk wife chips

tie big size dish

time winter ride film

mine spring pipe in

kite little slice his

  1. Выберите и прочитайте слова открытого типа слога, а затем закрытого:

Side, smile, bring, pile, disc, slide, his, mix, king, mice, bike, fish, dinner, fit, pie, pipe, pink, mile, chin, fill, pig, him, hip, ink, life, if.

  1. Прочитайте и напишите следующие слова:

[smαıl] [klαım] [slim]

[tαım] [hip] [fi ∫]

[t∫ın] [sprıŋ] [fαın]

[θık] [wαıf] [kıŋ]

[΄dınə] [nαın] [sαıd]

[pαıl] [hız] [mıks]

  1. Напишите транскрипцию следующих слов:

Side, pine, write, size, dish, chips, pie, disc, tie, thin, white, milk, little, pipe, six, fill, fish, bike.

5. Прочитайте:

Nick has a fine kite.

Pete has five pink pigs and nine chicks.

I like milk and pie.

Mike likes to ride a bike.

His fish is thin and his stick is thick.

Bill likes winter and spring.

Hi, I am fine.

I like to drink milk for dinner.

Bring five, six or nine dishes with chips.

A a - [eı]

  1. Прочитайте:

[ eı ] [ æ ] [ eı ] [ æ ]

make plan label at

take bad came as

snake stand age bank

tape lamp date back

name fact face camp

place add shape catch

made bad hate damp

plate can plane glad

same cap wage jam

2. Выберите и прочтите слова открытого слога, а затем закрытого:

back, hand, face, paper, apple, table, map, cat, flat, bag, cake, late, game, flag, rat, rate, lake, man, wave.

3. Прочитайте и напишите следующие слова:

[ læmp ] [ sneık ] [∫eıp ]

[ teıbl ] [ neım ] [ heıt ]

[ keıt ] [ teık ] [ kæn ]

[ ræbit ] [ flag ] [ plæn ]

[ kæmp ] [ mæp ] [æz ]

4. Напишите транскрипцию следующих слов:

make, plate, face, wage, can, stand, bank, catch, cake, made, damp, jam.

5. Прочитайте:

A fat cat sat on a mat and had a black rat.

Pat has a cat and a hat.

Kate, take a plate.

Sam hates apples.

Lamp stands on the table.

Make the same cake.

Catch the bad rat.

I am glad of plate of jam.

E e - [ı:]

1. Прочитайте:

[ı:] [e[ [ı:] [e]

he let green text

she met three leg

we red feet left

see bed tea pet

bee hen eat yes

meet ten teacher mend

Pete shelf peach then

need then meat neck

week pen read rest

tree men season desk

breed dress sheep fed

2.Выберите и прочитайте слова сначала со звуком [ı:], а затем со звуком [e]:

Clean, felt, please, street, fence, next, press, get, been, bell, best, chess, deep, end, geese, steel, smell, deep, agree, kept, get, well, team, tell, went, wheel

3. Прочитайте и напишите следующие слова:

[sı:] [tekst] [pen]

[mı:] [rı:d] [wı:k]

[men] [stı:l] [mes]

[∫ı:p] [step] [nek]

[klı:n] [ðen] [sı:zn]

4. Напишите следующие слова в транскрипции:

Fence, next, hen, Pete, bee, three, then, melt, read, feet, steel, sheep, bed, men, yes, leg, rest

5. Прочитайте:

We fed Pete's three pets.

I met ten men in the street.

I like cheese, tea, meat and peaches.

She left pencils, pens and the text on the desk.

I see a bee in a tree.

He reads texts very well.

I need my red dress.

O o - [əu]

1. Прочитайте!

[əu] [o] [əu] [o]

rose stop hope shop

nose clock home log

tone on smoke pot

bone box phone spot

over hot alone got

sofa shot close top

those dog coal bottle

go frog hope bomb

open wrong cock

2. Выберите и прочитайте слова открытого типа слога, а затем закрытого:

off, ocean, office, lot, scone, hole, hobby, hotel, post, song, pop, soft, doll, golf, hope, tone, sock, stove, whole, wrong.

3. Прочитайте и напишите следующие слова:

[nəuz] [ləun] [botl]

[skəun] [∫ot] [həum]

[΄ofis] [΄əupən] [fəun]

[soft] [gəu] [got]

[stəun] [rəuz] [lot]

4. Напишите транскрипцию следующих слов:

Home, rose, wrong, close, stop, cock, those, go, tone, frog, box, phone, over, hobby, stove, post.

5. Прочитайте

Don't go home alone!

Hot potato, cold pot.

The dog sits on the old soft sofa.

Those scones are hot I hope.

The hotel is open.

I phone wrong.

The frog is on the log.

Uu - [ju:]

  1. Прочитайте:

[ju;] [Λ] [u(:)] [Λ]

use cut ruler must

tune bus put run

suit us pull such

tube sun push rub

pupil much true supper

tulip gum glue but

due hunt blue gun

cue fun truth duck

few under full drunk

unite current fruit hurry

duty publish June jump

  1. Прочтите слова сначала со звуком [iu:], затем [u], [Λ]:

lunch, just, luck, music, Tuesday, true, union, hut, rung, unite, summer, fruit, cute, uniform, human, up, shut, full, university, mute, tune

3. Найдите эквиваленты словам, данным в транскрипции:

[`ju:nifo:m], [l Λnt∫], [glu:], [mju:zik], [∫Λt], dju:tı], [`kΛrənt], tru:θ], [gΛm], [tju:lıp], [pju:pl],

[ju:`nαıt], [d3Λmp], [kΛt], [sju:t]


unite, lunch, music, jump, truth, gum, glue, uniform, shut, duty, pupil, current, cut, tulip, suit

4. Запишите следующие слова в транскрипции:

Tube, sun, true, rubber, but, cue, hunt, publish, much, under, push, put, duck, but.


I like fruit juice very much.

Pupils use a ruler and a rubber.

He hunts with a gun.

Susan has a blue cup.

I must run and jump.

She puts a suit or a uniform.

Students must study at the university.

Yy - [wαı]

  1. Прочитайте:

[αı] [ı] [j] [ı]

sky study yellow gym

my only yet gyps

fly any yes mystic

type city yelp lynch

cycle many yard dynamics

rhyme lorry yield dynamite

why sorry yell cylinder

shy very yolk pyramid

by sunny year cryptic


2. Выберите и прочтите слова открытого типа слога, затем закрытого:

hype, lye, myth, lynch, byte, dye, hysterics, rye, sly, mystic, cryptic, typical, gym.

3. Выберите слова, где "y" читается как [ı], затем как [j].

party, simply, yelp, yummy, yolk, study, yesterday, young, only, happy, yap, yes, tidy, youth, mummy.

4. Напишите следующие слова в транскрипции:

My, any, yet, yelper, dying, lynch, mystic, cry, sorry, mystify, byte, cyclist, rye, only, sunny.

5. Прочитайте и напишите следующие слова:

[jes], [`stΛdı], [d3u`lαı], [hαıp], [`hæpı], [mıθ], [trαı], [wαı], [`beıbı], [`pΛpı],[jo:k], [jelp], [`menı], [tαık], [`tıpıkəl], [sαıkl], [jo:], [dαı], [`pırəmıd]

6. Прочитайте:

Yes, the yolk is yellow yet.

Butterfly, butterfly, where do you fly?

I fly in the sky.

Little baby often cry.

Sorry, my cycle doesn't work.

We yield much rue this year.

We study physics on Friday.

On my birthday party was sunny.

Третий тип слога: a+r, o+r, i+r, u+r, e+r

1. Прочитайте:

[α:] [o:] [ə:] [ə:]

car for her turn

star storm term fur

far fork per burn

harm forty nerve nurse

barn corn advertise suburb

charm force person surname

arm born fertile turner

mark pork skirt curds

march horse shirt curtain

sharp import bird church

dark order first curve

2. Прочитайте сначала слова со звуком [α:], [o:], затем со звуком [ə:]:

short, garden, dirt, German, burglar, pork, scarf, merchant, worn, bar, large, internal, herself, hard, inform, export, art, farm, circle, card, carpet, horn

3. Напишите следующие слова в транскрипции:

Storm, fork, pork, herd, further, garden, vortex, merchant, torn, charm, orchard, furnish, target, party, smart, third, surname

4. Прочитайте и напишите следующие слова:

[k α:], [m α:k], [θ ə:d], [ko:n], [`t ə:n ə], [n ə:s], [fo:s], [spo:t], [wo:n], [fə:m], [∫ə:t], [fə:], [`o:də], [bα:n]


It is dark in the park.

They buy a car for the farm this morning.

She has a turkey and a bird.

We import hard sort of corn.

In our town there are many churches and orchards and one circus.

On Thursday is my birthday party.

There is a large carpet on the floor.

4-й тип слога

гласная + r + гласная, гласная + гласная + r

1. Прочитайте:

a+r+e [ε ə] i+r+e [aıə] e+r+e [ıə] y+r+e [ αıə]

bare tire here tyre

hare hire mere byre

mare fire sphere

care dire

rare admire

dare wire




ai+r [ε ə] ee+r [ıə] ea+r [ıə] ea+r [ε ə]

chair deer tear wear

hair veer clear pear

fair cheer ear swear

steer fear rear

o+r+e [o:] u+r+e [ju:ə] oo+r, ou+r, oa+r [o:]

bore pure door

more indure floor

fore adjure four

shore cure course

store allure source

swore bureau board

core endure uproar

adore epicure

  1. Прочитайте:

pare, chair, tire, entire, here, fear, fair, tyre, pure, bore, dire, veer, dare, tear, shore, door, cure, clear, flare, ear, board, four, soar, source, square, pore, indure, allure

3. Подберите транскрипцию к следующим словам:

chair [mo:] pure [flo:]

mare [fεə] desire [ıə]

pare [t∫ıə] tyre [w aıə]

fire [mεə] endure [pju:ə]

fare [stıə] floor [taıə]

more [faıə] swear [dı`zaıə]

steer [t∫εə] wire [ən`dju:ə]

cheer [pεə] ear [swεə]

4. Выберите из предложенных слов слова 4 типа слога и прочтите их:

Turn, board, merchant, church, fair, epicure, source, uproar, desire, hare, bare, retire, wire, hurt, mark, stork, herself, core, byre.

5. Прочитайте:

There is a bare on the chair.

She has fair hair and small ears.

I poured some more pure pear juice.

The armchair is here near the fireplace.

Clare, take care! Here is the hare.

There are four doors on the second floor.

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