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  1. Translate into English.

  1. Облачно и холодно. 2. Тепло и влажно. 3. Ветренно и снежно. 4. Дождливо и ветренно.

  1. Put in «the» where necessary.

  1. We live on … Earth. 2. At night I like to watch stars in … sky. 3. Many people dream about travelling in … space. 4. … Russia is situated in …Europe and … Asia. 5.There are 50 states in … USA. 6. He is going to see …Alps. 7. … Volga flows into … Caspian Sea. 8. The water in … Lake Baikal is the purest in … world. 9. Which is higher: …Everest or … Elbrus? 10. … London is the capital of … Great Britain.

  1. Open the brackets using Past Continuous or Past Simple.

  1. When I (come) home, my mother (cook) dinner. 2. Yesterday at 2 o'clock I (prepare) for my English test. 3. What …you (do) when it (begin) raining. 4. He (buy) this car last month. 5. They (watch) the film when it (happen).

  1. Put in «For» or «Since».

  1. I haven't heard anything about him … childhood. 2. We have been writing the test … already 20 minutes. 3. They have known each other … a long time. 4. We have been working in the garden … early morning. 5. I haven't done it … last year.

  1. Open the brackets using Past Perfect or Past Simple.

  1. Helen (do) it by 10 o'clock yesterday. 2. She (translate) the article before the film (begin). 3. I (see) him yesterday. 4. I (see) him before the accident (happen). 5. What (happen) before the accident?

  1. Write the type of Conditional: II, III or mixed.

  1. If we cut down fewer flowers, the air would be clean. 2. If people had not invented computers, they would be healthier. 3. I wouldn't do it, if I were you. 4. If you had given him the money, he would have spent all of them. 5. You wouldn't have so many problems now if you hadn't spent all your money.

  1. Write some sentences about some successful person (100 - 110 words).

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