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Grade: 10th

Theme: A project "Kazakhstan is my Motherland"

Aim: to summarize knowledge of Kazakhstan, its culture, sightseeing, landscape, geographical position; to generalize information with the help of projects; to act out customs; to develop oral, listening skills, to develop imagination.


  1. Орг. момент. Who is on duty, the aim of the lesson.

  1. Warm - up. Game "Ladder" (pupils should tell 1 sentence hat they want about Kazakhstan, in turn).

A game "Associations" (pupils should write on the blackboard any association that appears in their mind when they hear the word "Kazakhstan").

III. Presentation of the theme: projects "Kazakhstan is my Motherland".

  • Well now, let's get acquainted with your projects. Except them you had to act out a custom or a legend, any you want. Everything should be done in understandable, quick, laconic, creative way. Good luck!

1st project + a legend about Kublai khan and a girl.

2nd project + a custom "Betashar".

3d project + a custom "Hobbles cutting".

IV. Summing up: - Your projects were very good, I liked them all. You were creative, tried to develop imagination.

  • marks for the lesson

  • home task: page , ex. (to read and translate he text).

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