Открытый урок на тему Health is above wealth

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Lesson Theme Health is above Wealth


Grade 10th

OBJECTIVES: the students will be able to:





PROCEDURE of the class

Lesson Phase

Student and teacher interaction

Introduction(Дежурство, theme, aim of the lesson)

Hello, dear children! I am glad to see you! Today we'll devote our lesson to reading, writing, speaking about health, health problems and healthy way of life, what to do to be healthy, because health is considered to be above wealth.


1. What word is it? Listen to its definition and the number of letters in it. Then say a word and spell it.

1) It is a dangerous disease. 6 letters - (c-a-n-c-e-r).

2) You should reduce it to be healthy. 6 letters - (w-e-i-g-h-t).

3) They are very useful for your health. 8 letters - (v-i-t-a-m-i-n-s).

4) It is one of the modern bad habits. 7 letters - (s-m-o-k-i-n-g).

5) When we are ill or catch a cold we have it. 5 letters - (c-o-u-g-h).

6) He is a person, who follows a diet. 7 letters - (s-l-i-m-m-e-r).

Presentation of the material

1) Речевая зарядка. "Jumbled Proverbs". Pupils should match 2 parts of the proverb.

  • Health is better than wealth.

  • Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

  • Healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • An apple a day keeps a doctor away.

  • Live not to eat but eat to live.

  • He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.

  • Eat with pleasure, drink with measure.

  • A change of activity is the best rest.

  • What is food for one man is bitter poison to others.

2) Answer the questions about health.

  • When should people get up and go to bed?

  • How many times a day should people clean their teeth?

  • What should people do before eating?

  • What healthy food should people eat?

  • Whom should people consult to prevent an illness?

  • What should people do if they have a cold?

  • What should people do if they have a toothache?

  • What should people do if they can't sleep?

3) Text work "A BAD MISTAKE"

  • Reading the text

  • Divide into 2 groups and do exercises (cards)

4) I see you are tired. Let's relax. Clap your hands when you hear words about good or bad habits.

No waiting, no parking,

Don't smile, stop laughing.

Turn it on, turn it off,

Open your mouth, try to cough.

No smoking, no drinking,

No running, stop thinking.

Work all day, play all night,

Do what I say - that's right.

Turn left, turn right,

Always love, never fight.

Come early, don't be late,

Try to be good, don't hate.

5) Test

6) I think that when we all were small kids we played the same game called "Hospital". Some of you were doctors, others were patients. Let's return back to the past and remember what it is like to be a doctor and a patient. You home task was to prepare dialogues.

7) Now I will give each group a leafsheet with a list of recommendations which we should follow or shouldn't follow to be healthy. Your task is to make Health Code. The first team will discuss and tell us what we should do to be healthy and the second team will tell us what we shouldn't do. I will give you two marker pens so you can tick the right points in your leafsheets.

We'll start with the things which we should do. And the second team will tell us what we shouldn't do.


Assessment of the students


Draw a poster "HEALTH", how you imagine it.

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