Промежуточный тест, английский язык, 5 класс, Spotlight

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Класс 5 класс
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Промежуточный тест 5 класс (Mid test. Spotlight).


1) Complete the words:

  • Geogrp…y

  • Sevent…

  • m…ror

  • h…ight

  • c…mel

  • …aiter

2) Circle the odd word out:

  • Science- timetable- Art- Maths

  • Japanese- French- Australia- British

  • Carpet- bedroom- kitchen- bathroom

  • Mother- son- paint- dad

  • Cobra- feather- peacock- rhino

  • School- teacher- garage- hospital

2. Grammar. Complete the sentences with the correct verb or word:

  • Ann has got …. (a/ an) atlas.

  • ….(Have/ Has) you got a dictionary in your bag?

  • There are two paintings …(on/ in) the wall.

  • Can you give …(me/ my) the guitar?

  • The rhino … (like/ likes) to sit in the mud.

  • Sally … (plants/ is planting) the flowers now.

3. Everyday English. Match the questions to the answers:

1) What does your mum do?

2) How much is it?

3) What's matter?

4) Goodbye, Laura!

5) Is there a table in your bedroom?

6) Do you like pizza?

7) What time is it?

a) I think my parrot has got a broken wing.

b) It's ten to three.

c) Yes, there is.

d) No, I don't.

e) She's a teacher.

f) Goodbye, Jane. See you later.

g) It's £ 3.

4. Reading. Read the text and answer the questions.

My name is Mike and I'm ten years old. My favourite room is my bedroom. I've got a lot of things in my room: a bed, a computer, a bookcase and a wardrobe. I've got posters on the walls and a big mirror next to my bed. My walls are white, blue and yellow. My desk is under the window and I do my homework on the computer. My cat likes to sleep under my bed! I really like my room.

E.g. How old is Mike? - He is ten years old.

1) Which is his favourite room? ________________________________________________

2) What is on the walls? ______________________________________________________

3) What colour are the walls? __________________________________________________

4) Where is his desk? ________________________________________________________

5) What is always under his bed? _______________________________________________

5. Listeting.

Listen to two friends talking in a house and write True or False.

E.g. There is a fireplace in the living room. True

  1. The kitchen is big. _____

  2. David's bedroom is next to his brother's. ______

  3. The dog is playing in the garden. _______

  4. The dog has got black fur. _______

  5. Dan wants to listen to music. ______

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