Разработка внеклассного мероприятия на тему Праздник рождества

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Внеклассное мероприятие

по английскому языку

«Merry Christmas»

в 5 А классе

2014 - 2015 уч. г.

Тема: Merry Christmas. Праздник Рождества.

Цель: ознакомление учащихся с традициями и обычаями стран

изучаемого языка.

Задачи: 1. Активизация лексических единиц по теме: «Christmas»

2. Совершенствование разговорных навыков учащихся.

3. Развитие творческого потенциала учащихся.

Оборудование: 1. Ноутбук.

2. Проектор.

3. Наглядный и раздаточный материал.

(звучит песня «Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year»)

Ход урока:

R: Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today we have a Christmas holiday (слайд № 1).

G: Now, let's remember what holiday Christmas is. (слайд № 2 ).

Christmas Traditions and Customs.

Christmas is a religious holiday. It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a happy holiday. Families come together to share their happiness, attend church and exchange gifts. Cities and towns in England sparkle with bright lights and decorations. Churches, homes, schools, shops and streets are decorated with Christmas trees, colored lights, Santa Claus showing where Jesus Christ was born. The traditional colors for this holiday are red and green. Families prepare for this holiday weeks before. They make special foods. They make and buy gifts. Christmas cards are sent to friends and relatives. Children hang up stockings to receive gifts from Santa Claus. Schools usually have two weeks of holidays together.

R: (слайд № 3)

The Christmas story comes from the Bible. The baby Jesus was born in a stable. His mother was the Virgin Mary and his father was Joseph. The wise man gave Jesus gifts of gold. Because of this event the Christians celebrate Christmas.

G: Let's begin our quiz. You're divided into two commands: the first one is called "Stocking", the second one is "Christmas tree".

The first task: (слайд № 4). And now please look here and tell me what the symbols of this holiday are. (a Christmas tree, snowflakes, sweets, decorations).

R: Very well. Let's go on. Look at the slide. We'll give each group a piece of paper. You'll have two minutes to write down what you see here. (слайд № 5) You may start... Your time is up. Now one pupil from each command comes here and reads the words. (Santa Claus, decorations, a fire place, a star, gifts and presents, Christmas tree, stockings) Well done! Now give in your answers: our jury will check if the words are written "Times New Roman, serif"> each word is one point, but if the word is written with mistakes then you get only half a point.

G: Let's continue our game. Look at the slide. (слайд № 6) Guess a puzzle. It is a traditional food for this holiday. Here is a key for you and words in code. Each letter stands for some symbol. Put them together and guess the traditional Christmas food. Each word is one point. You'll have three minutes. … Your time is up. Let's check your answers. (слайд № 7) (roast turkey and Christmas pudding) Well done!

R: Now our next but not the least task. Look at the screen. (слайд № 8) You'll see a letter with missing words. Put the words instead of dots in order to make a logical letter. (слайд № 9) You'll have three minutes to cope with it… Your time is up. Please, hand in your letters. Our jury will check them. But you may check yourself. (слайд № 9) (Letter 1. Missing words (knowledge, mistakes, envelope, tasks, fulfill, release) Но у них есть…… и если вы их…….., то они меня………. Вы должны показать им cвои ….. английского языка и сделать как можно меньше ……… Вот в этом…….. задания. Letter 2. Missing words ( to come, presents and gifts, good morning, couldn't, forest, attacked, captured) …… мальчики и девочки! Меня……в плен. Я очень хотел……к вам, но….. Когда я шёл через….., разбойники…… на меня. Они хотят забрать все ваши……) Is everything all right here? Yes, the order of the letter isn't right. Letter two comes first.

G: Well, the next task. Look at the slide. (слайд № 10) You should match the parts of the words. You have only two minutes to do this task… Your time is up. Let's check your answers. (слайд № 10)











Great work! Now give in your papers, the jury will count your points.

R: Let's remember some grammar material and check your skills. (слайд № 11) Countables are the nouns we can count and use the word "несколько" with them, while uncountables we can't count and can use the word "немного". Write the given words in the correct column. Each right word gives you one point. You have two minutes. … Well, your time is up. Give in your answers, we'll give them to the jury. Now let's check your answers together. (слайд № 12)

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия на тему Праздник рождества

G: The last task of our quiz is a crossword. Look at the screen. Here you see the tasks. Each command will get a piece of paper with a crossword and you'll have three minutes to cope with it. Each word gives you one point. You may start... (слайд № 13) Your time is up. Hand in your works. We'll give them to the jury. Let's check your answers. (слайд № 13)

Разработка внеклассного мероприятия на тему Праздник рождества

R: While the jury sum up your points, let's remember the main attributes of Christmas. (слайд № 14) What season is Christmas celebrated in? (Winter). (слайд № 15) What Christmas decorations do you know (bell, deer, garland, snowman, presents and gifts, toys, Christmas tree)

G: Having summed up all your points, we have the following picture: the team "Christmas tree" gets … points and the "Stockings" have … points. Eventually, the command "…" wins.

Moreover, your marks for today are…

R: Our quiz comes to the end. Thanks for your work! Good-bye! (слайд № 16)

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