Тест за 1 четверть 5 класс по учебнику Английский в фокусе

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Класс 5 класс
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Контрольная работа за 1 четверть (5 класс)

1. Complete the centences. Use 'm, 's, 're.

1. Mark…..new to the school.

2. I ……12 years old.

3. He …. my best friend.

4. You …. In Grade 5.

5. They … in room C.

2. Complete with a/ an

1. ….atlas

2…..pencil sharpener


4….school bag


3. Fill in: is, are.

1……Wendy new to the school ? No,….

2……Tom in Year 7? No,……..

3. …..Jane and Laura in year 5? Yes, ……

4……Bill and Claire in the same class? Yes, ……

4. Write the plurals.

1. Fox….

2. Woman…

3. Party…

4. Shelf…

5. Watch….

6. toy….


5.Reading . Read the text and answer the questions (выбери правильный ответ)

My family

There are four of us in my family: a father, a mother, younger brother and me. My father's name is Vladimir, he is a bus driver. My mother's name is Natalya, she is a kindergarten teacher. My name is Alexander, I am in the fifth grade and I go to music school. My younger brother's name is Andrey, he is in the first grade. I always help him to do homework and I look after him while my mother and father are at work. We like to play ball and watch animated cartoons. We go fishing together with father. After that, our mother cooks delicious fish soup. If we have time to spare, we always spend it together. We like going to the cinema and walking in the park. In the summer, we go to the river for swimming or go to the forest to gather berries and mushrooms. In the winter, we go skiing and skating. My brother and I always help our parents. We wash up dishes and sweep the floor. Moreover, we tidy our rooms ourselves. My parents are the best! Our family is very united, close-knit and happy.

1. How many people in Alexander's family?

1. There are five.

2. There are six.

3. There are four.

2. What is his father's name?

1. His father's name is Alexander.

2. His father's name is Vladimir.

3. His father's name is Andrey.

3. Is Andrey his younger brother?

1. Yes, he is.

2. No, he isn't.

3. I don't know.

4. What does his mother cook?

1. Mother cooks delicious fish cake.

2. Mother cooks delicious onion soup.

3. Mother cooks delicious fish soup.

5. What do they do in the summer?

1.They go skiing and skating.

2.They go to the river for swimming or go to the forest to gather berries and mushrooms.

3.They wash up dishes and sweep the floor

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