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Enviromental Problems 8 класс

Обоснование выбора темы:

Острая необходимость привлечь внимание подростков к проблемам окружающей среды.


1. Выяснение проблем окружающей среды.

2. Определение задач по их решению.

3. Привлечение учащихся к участию в акциях по охране окружающей среды.


1. Обратить внимание учащихся на острую необходимость решения проблем загрязнения.

2. Активизировать творческую деятельность учащихся в процессе работы над созданием проекта.

3. Совершенствовать навыки диагностической речи, монологического высказывания.

4. Развивать чувство красивого посредством поэзии и прослушивания музыкальных произведений П.И.Чайковского.

5. Развивать чувство ответственности перед одноклассниками за выполнения части общего дела.


1. Конференция в классе.

2. Агитационная наглядность в фойе школы.

3. Выступление на экологическом вечере во время проведения недели иностранного языка в школе.

1. Под музыку Дж. Леннона ученица декламирует стихотворение "Imagine".

2. Ведущий:

Suppose you get out of your house on an early sunny April day and see… What is it? It is a yellow dandelion. It looks at you from the ground and says "Protect me, please". A great number of people all over the world are taking part in the policy of cotrolling the atmosphere, the water, the climatic changes, because of man's interference in nature. These problems are the subject of our meeting today. The speakers are Lena and Denis.

3. Доклад"The Protection of nature" представляется двумя учащимися. После выступления каждого учащиеся задают вопросы докладчику. Ведущий: have you got any questions?…

4. Прения:

1) Millions of cars and smoky factories pollute and spoil the air we breathe in. pollution is handing oven big cities like an ugly brown cloud. It is hurting our lugs as well as the life of animals, birds and plants.

Cars are the biggest air polluters. But scientists are trying to invent car that pollute less.

2) Карта уменьшения озонового слоя над Антарктидой

- The Pollution and the ozone layer destruction could lead our planet to a global catastrophy. About 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere every year. Every year Omsk region industry throws out into atmosphere about 50000 tones of dust other harmful substances.

3) Radiation has become one of the main problems. Many people died from radiation in Chernobol. It was a great tragedy. People build nuclear stations and carry out nuclear tests. As a result, radiation represents one of the main problems nowadays. But some countries such as Schwitzerland and Austria stopped building nuclear power stations.

4) Water Pollution. It is not a secret that the largest rivers of our region Irtish and Om are polluted very much. Often, companies don't know what to do with waste materials of industry, so they pour them into water. They pollute the water we drink, and the land we live in.

Mercury can get into Irtish from Semipalatinsk. It is a real danger. But some countries build plants with a closed - loop recycling system. They don't have any waste water because every time it is reused. It is the way to solve this problem.

- карта загрязнения мирового океана

- таблица источников загрязнения:

Every year the World Ocean gets about 25-30 mln tones of harmful substances. The ways of their getting into the water are different:

23% from different ships

28% from river waters

17% from loading of sea ships

16% from industrial water

10% from acid rains

5% from oil ships accidents

1% from oil boring

5) Acid rains. When the sulfates mix with clouds, acid rain falls and harms lakes, rivers and planets. Also, the wind blows the air around. So, sulfates from one place can fall as acid rain many miles away. Our clothes become dirty, trees, plants die. Acid rains fall in Omsk region not very seldom. And we can see yellow parks, grass in the middle of summer. (Рисунок).

6) Выступления учащихся и мультимедийные проекты по теме "Экология в Таврическом". Ecological problems in Tavricheskoye. Ecological situation in T. becomes from bad to worse. In habitants put the problem of water supply sharply in local, region administrations, in the press. Sources of underground water are found not far from the railway. authorities promise to give us clean and healthy water. But we need to have a water pipe repaired. Dirty water lakes can be seen in many places. The sewerage should be built in T. in the nearest future. Fertile soil has

destroyed. Swamps have appeared. Birch groves have died. Swamps have appeared. Trees can not grow. We plant trees but we have no parks in T.

And one more problem. Communal workers try to clean our streets, the victory Square every day and on holiday's eve. And what do they look like the next day after the holidays? - Trash is everywhere; most part of waste comes from packaging! People should care of their environment. There is no other way.

Slogan:"Keep Tavricheskoye tidy!"

7) Trash. At the end of 20 th century each person in the USA threw away 2 kg. of trash daily. You would fill 45000 trash trucks every day! A large part of this waste comes from packaging. Some companies have started recycling projects. Everyone should try to throw away less. But it is not enough today.

Газета "Our Environment is in Danger"

3 ученика представляют рубрики:

- How long litter lasts

- Do you know…

- What to do?

5. Аудиозапись опроса учащихся о проблемах экологии в Таврическом и путях их решения.

6. Ученица: Do you know the English equivalents of these Russian expressions?

- проблемы окружающей среды - environmental problems

- экологическая катастрофа - environmental disaster

- экологическая безопасность - environmental safety

- акции в защиту окружающей среды - environmental actions

- защита определенной среды - environmental protection

- экологическая система - environmental system

7. Ведущий:

The list of serious environmental problems could be continued. What should be done: We should…

1) to lower harmful substances in the air? 1) invent new types of cars, find out ways to

make cool burn more clearly

2) to stop the danger of environmental disaster? 2) attract more public attention to environmental problems.

3) to attract more public attention to environmental problems? 3) take part in the environmental actions, there are many organizations which have worked out hundreds of projects to protect nature, for example. State "Commitlee for Environmental Control", "Travels for Peace & Nature", etc.

4) to keep the streets of towns tidy and Clean? 4) put litter in the big, plant trees and flowers.

5) to solve the problem of communal waste in towns? 5) clean streets and yards regularly, use less packaging, build recycling factories and recycle wastes.

8. Ведущий: So, in spite of everything, we believe that the Earl is our common home. All its inhabitants - people, animals and birds-need to live in peace and harmony. Let's adopt the result of our meeting.


I. Say "no":

1) different wars

2) Battles against wildlife

3) Ignorant using of natural resources

4) everything that threatens the Earth biosphere, threatens people, threatens each person.

II. We say "yes"

1) Peaceful life

2) Love and responsibility for wildlife

3) New biological ways of agricultural development

4) New sating every technological method

5) Science and wisdom

6) Ecological culture ІІІ .We should:

1) Pick up litter

2) Use less paper, less packaging

3) Buy milk or juice in cartons, not in plastic bottles

4) Help communal workers keep Tavricheskoye tidy

5) Leave the places of our rest clean

6) Plant trees, flowers

7) Participate in the work of public organization "For the Protection of Nature".

9. Ученица читает стихотворение "Russia, I'm in love with you" под музыку П.И.Чайковского.

10. Учащиеся выходят с плакатами, зачитывают:

1) Keep the environment clean!

2) Avert the danger of environmental disaster!

3) Protect the environmental from industrial pollution!

4) Keep the land, air and water clean!

5) Save energy!

6) Pick up litter!

7) Recycle!

8) Save water!

11. Ведущий: Let's work with ecological test (Базанова Е.М. тексты по английскому языку. 10- 11 кл.: Учебно- метод. Пособие. М.: Дрофа, 2001.192 с.).

12. Учитель: I'm quite satisfied with your work today. And give you only good & excellent marks. Thank you.


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